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circular motion question

A 67 gram coin sits on a horizontally rotating turntable. The turntable makes 1.7 revolution each second. The coin is located 10 cm from the axis of rotation of the turntable. The coin will slide... more

friction question

A car is traveling at 25 m/s along a horizontal road. The coefficients of friction between the road and the tires are us=0.95 uk=0.34.Calculate the distance the car travel before stopping if the... more

physics circular motion

A 99 gram coin sits on a horizontally rotating turntable. The turntable makes 1.2 revolution each second. The coin is located 10 cm from the axis of rotation of the turntable. The coin will slide... more
Motion Physics


Elementary mechanics

an object is shot from the ground at 125m/s at an angle 30o above the horizontal. how far away does the object lands
Motion Physics


Speed=20km/h time=2minutes distance=?

This is the class 9th question from the ncert book Chapter name is the m9tion


what is the initial speed of the ball when it is projected into the air

A small ball is projected vertically upwards from a height of 3 meters above the groundThe ball hits the ground 2 seconds laterIf air resistance is negligible and the acceleration due to gravity is... more
Motion Physics Force


Physics questions

Imagine a large rock that isn’t movable by the current wind pressure. Imagine an L shaped object with the big rock laying on the bottom half. The wind blows at the L shape object and the top half... more


how far will you travel in 5 minutes walking at a rate of 1m/s


A plane flies 1200 km in 2.5 hours. What is the average speed of the flight?

The answer choices are A) 480 km/hr B) 300 km/hrC) 1200 km/hrD) 200 km/hr


Proving that a value does not decay in the process of motion

Hi   How do I go about proving that a value for energy does not decay during the process of motion?    Thanks    


Motion in 3d - acceleration and its components

Hi   I have found the vector for the acceleration of a particle in 3d, however I have been asked now to give its component that is tangential to the trajectory of the particle. Can I get some... more


Finding the speed in 3D motion

Hi   I have been given the position vector of a particle, and have then differentiated this to get the velocity vector for the patricle. I have now been asked to find the speed, but am not sure... more


A body moving in a circular path of radius 0.7m find the distance and displacement covered by the body when it completes 3 /4 of the circle

This question is of 9th standard and of motion chapter


Assume you drop a bag of snacks inside an airplane that is flying due west at 800 km/h. Which of the following is true?, (check the description)

I had this question in a quiz (MCQ). The choices were: A) the bag moves southwest at speed greater than 800km per   B) the bag will fall straight down (south)     Actually there are two more... more


Please explain where in the loop the rider in a roller coaster would expect it to have the largest velocity.

I think it would be the moment after the roller coaster being at the top of the loop (upside down) as it has the most potential energy but I'm not really sure.


if energy is conserved, why does a marble rolling eventually stop when it hits a cup?

I think this contrasts conservation of energy. 


if you are driving 20 Km for 1.5 hours what is your speed and velocity

you are driving south to Birmingham


How long did the car travel at each speed?

A car went 372 miles in 6 hours, traveling part of the time at 55 miles per hour and part of the time at 70 miles per hour. How long did the car travel at each speed?


Mechanics question

A mass 3m moving east at a speed v collides with a mass 2m moving northeast at a speed 2v. The masses stick together what is the resulting speed and direction of the combined mass. 


(a) Determine the x and y components of Vector 𝑨 ; B ; C. (b) Determine x and y components of the sum of these three vectors.

Vector 𝑨 ⃗ ⃗ has a magnitude of 75.0 cm and points at 30° above the positive x-axis. Vector 𝑩 ⃗⃗ has a magnitude of 25.0 cm and points along the negative x-axis. Vector 𝑪 ⃗ ⃗ has a magnitude of... more
Motion Physics Math


Discrepancies with velocities and displacement

 From a 100 m apartment balcony, you throw a tennis ball down at 5 m/s. How long until it hits the ground below?   I'm confused on how to assign their directions


A question on calculating time

A pitcher throws a baseball to the batter 40 m/s and the batter hits the ball at 50 m/s. Assuming that the length from the mound to home plate is 18.4 m, how long will it take for the ball to... more


How do I find the total time when an object goes below the point of origin?

For example, how do I calculate the the total time a ball is in the air, if a ball is thrown upwards 10 m from a height of 30 m above ground level?
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