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Help Asap Please


Sorry this is my question it was incomplete

A chemical antifreeze company mixes pure water with their premium antifreeze solution to create an inexpensive antifreeze mixture. The premiun solution contains 95% pure antifreeze. The company... more
Help Asap Please Algebra 1 Algebra 2


The sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 11. The units` digit is two more twice the tens digit. Find the number

Need the answer and solution ASAP
Help Asap Please Trig Identities


What is the exact value of Sin (380) degrees?

I know how to solve these when it involves actual angles from the unit circle, but I can't seem to find it for those angles not on the unit circle.
Help Asap Please Trigonometry


If Tan^2(t)-Sin^2(t)=Sin^a(t)/Cos^b(t), then what is a and b?

Please show clear steps! Thank you!


Which of the following is not a valid description of what a probability is?

A. Quantified plausibility B. A number between 0 and 100 C. Relative frequency D. Degree of belief E. A number between 0 and 1
Help Asap Please


write the equation of a line in general form that is parallel to 4x-y=11 and contains the points -8,3

how do i answer this 
Help Asap Please


grandpas age is 6 years less than 6 times juniors age. The sum of thier ages is 78. Find each of thier ages

I really need help with this.
Help Asap Please


one to one functions defined as follows g={(-7,9),(-6,7),(-2,4),(7,2)}, h(x) =-x-8/11

How would I find the following g^-1(7) =in this case is -6 but not sure how to figure out h^-1(x)= , or (h•h^-1)(0) Can some one please help explain this to me?


Word Question

Kendra has $ 6.75 in dimes and nickels. If she has 4 times as many dimes as nickels, how many of each coin does she have?
Help Asap Please Quick Answer Please


Word Question

One side of triangle is one-fourth the longest side. The third side is 8 feet less than the longest side. The perimeter is 145.Find all three sides.
Help Asap Please Chemistry Scientific Notation


Scientific notation

How would i put these numbers into scientific notation ?    3, 200, 000 = ?    0.000 98 = ?    0.079 = ?    6, 000 , 000 , 000 = ?    750 = ? 
Help Asap Please


Lauren had $80 in her savings account.

Lauren had $80 in her savings account. When she received her paycheck, she made a deposit which brought the balance up to $120. By what percentage did the total amount in her account increase as a... more
Help Asap Please Algebra Algebra Word Problem


A rectangular classroom seats 252 students.

A rectangular classroom seats 252 students. When the seats are rearranged with three more seats in each row, the classroom has two fewer rows. Find the original amount of seats in each row.
Help Asap Please


How many grams of alloy which is 25% copper by weight must be mixed with 500 g of alloy which is 12% copper by weight to make a final alloy which is 20% copper

help iv been stuck on this for so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Help Asap Please


each year john contributes $400 less than twice as much money as jim to charity. if together they contribute $950, how much does each contribute?

Im stuck on this problem for ages please help!!!!!!!!!
Help Asap Please


How would i simplify a expression write answer using posotive exponents assuming all variables represent posotive real numbers ?

The expression is -25 -3/2  how would I simplify this expression write my answer with exponents ? Please explain in detail.
Help Asap Please


H and F are sets of real numbers defined as F={zlz>4} H={zlz<=9} what would be the Fnh and Fuh?

what would be the F∩H and F∪H in interval notation?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9

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