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Help Asap Please


Samuel has a collection of toy cars. His favorites are the 27 red ones which make up 60%, percent of his collection. How many toy cars does Samuel have?

Help Asap Please Math Help Math Question


Due SOON.. Thank you

2. Graph 4x + y = 6x - 1 . Show your work and explain the method used to determine the graph. Graphs the equation using the correct slope and y-intercept. Correctly explains the method used to... more
Help Asap Please Math Question Math Equations


Need Help Please. DUE REALLY SOON.

1. Solve the equation 1/3 (-6x+12)-4x=32-1/2 (8x-16). Check your answer Show all of your work.   I recently caught some kind of flu and was told to stay off of my feet for a while. This is due... more


Due in a few hours.

Carlo wants to use a rain gauge to measure the amount of water his lawn is receiving from the sprinklers.Which rate is appropriate for describing the amount of water in this context?millimeters per... more
Help Asap Please


Word problem

Troy and Lisa were shopping for school supplies. Each purchased different quantities of the same notebook and thumb drive. Troy bought 5 notebooks and 5 thumb drives for $75. Lisa bought 2... more

What is the units digit of the number (8abc3)16m+95?

i don’t understand, could someone help me solve this?


In how many years will the mother be twice as old as her daughter?

A woman is 41 years old and her daughter is 15.   


What is the number?

One-sixth of a number, when subtracted from one-half of the same number, is equal to two-thirds the number plus 4. 

Find k if x^3+6x^2+kx+12 is divisible by (x+4)

Please tell me what k is. PLease!


Find the average rate of change of the function on the interval specified for real number h. j(x) = 2x3 on [1, 1 + h]

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Help Asap Please Algebra 1 Inequalities


I need the inequality equations,

You have at most 28 minutes to work out. Jogging on the treadmill burns 35 calories per minute, and lifting weights burn 30 calories per minute. You need to burn at least 800 calories during your... more
Help Asap Please


How much grass is needed to power a house

Please help I don’t know how to help my child answer the following questions: how much grass would it take to sustain the energy levels of a house?
Help Asap Please Area Of Rectangle Rectangle


Finding the area of a rectangle but only given the perimeter

The perimeter of the rectangle is 40cm but the length of the rectangle is 6cm longer than its width. Whats the area?
Help Asap Please Math Chemistry


2KClO3 —> 2KCl + 3O2

How many grams of KClO3 are required to produce 62 moles of KCl?


Find the least common multiple:

1−x2, and (x−1)3 1−x2, and (x−1)3
Help Asap Please Calculus


Hi i am really struggling to answer this calculus question

The manager of the Many Facets jewelry store models total sales by the function S(t)=(2000t)/(4+0.1t) where t is the time (years) since the year 2005 and SS is measured in thousands of... more


Write as a power of a binomial.

Help Asap Please Math Help Answer Asap Please


Simplify the equation please



NEED HELP ASAP due tommorow been trying to figure this out all week its for science fair compotition

hello I have a project due tommorow and I need help with figuring out how much sulfuric acid I need to put into 2.5oz of water to lower it only 1 pH level and I need to find out the same to higher... more
Help Asap Please


jacob reads 68 pages a night. How many pages does Jacob read in a month with 31 days?

show me how u got the answer and the answer.
Help Asap Please


A school gym has a perimeter of 346 feet and an area of 7,326 square feet. What are the dimensions of the gym?

Help this math is due tommorrow
Help Asap Please Help Me Please Please Help


Write the equation for a parabola that has x− intercepts (−1.6,0) and (−3.2,0) and y−intercept (0,25.6).

Please tell me what the equation is!!
Help Asap Please Math Algebra


1). A coffee merchant combines coffee that costs $5 per pound with coffee that costs $3.20 per pound.

How many pounds of each should be used to make 26 lb of a blend costing $4.55 per pound?
1 2 3 4 6 8 9

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