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Idk What This Is


9.9 plus 7.7 times a number equals the sum of the number and 92.2

9.9 plus 7.7 times a number equals the sum of the number and 92.2
Idk What This Is


23 more than three times X divided by the product of 2 and y

23 more than three times X divided by the product of 2 and y
Idk What This Is


Julio walks 3 1/2 miles in 1 1/4 hours

I need the answer for my homework. It’s a unit rate 
Idk What This Is


3(4+w) use distribution property to remove parenthesess

use distribution property to remove parenthesses
Idk What This Is


5 multiplied by the quantity of x decreased by 10

Idk What This Is



two brothers are saving money to buy tickets to go to a concert. their combined savings is $55. one brother has $15 more than the other. how much has each saved?
Idk What This Is


What was the final stock price rounded to the nearest cent

Luis bought stock at $81.60. The next day, the price increased $19.55. This new price changed by −6 34% the following day. What was the final stock price, rounded to the nearest cent? Is your... more
Idk What This Is


The sum of jacks age and Todd's age is 34. 5 years ago, the sum of twice jacks age and 3 times Todd's age was 61 how old are they now

I don't how to make the equations to solve for the ages of the two people 
Idk What This Is


A genetic disorder is an abnormal condition that a person inherits through genes or chromosomes.

Is this true or false?
Idk What This Is


One less than twice what negative number squared is 97

i dont even know what this means
Idk What This Is


y+11=1x+8 i dont know to how to solve this...

How to solve

Six oranges are cut into quarters how many children can each have three of the pieces

Plz help me bc I have home work plz plz plz plz plz plz p,z plz p, z
Idk What This Is


how do i even do this

The freshman and sophomore classes at Kensington High School are decorating floats for homecoming. The freshmen have already spent $439 on their float, plus they need to buy floral sheeting that... more
Idk What This Is


What is 48y + 56

I just need help, so please help me. Thanks! Ummmmmm... I am not sure what else to put 
Idk What This Is Yeah It Better Be Fine Yeah


What is the diameter of a sphere that has a volume of 4.33cm squared and a mass of 83 grams

 Math Question need help it’s a test
Idk What This Is


the length of 2/3 of a rope is (4u-5) express the total length of a rope in u

i need help with this   
Idk What This Is


josh is hiking glacier national park. he has now hiked a total of 17km and is 2km short of being 1/2 of the way done with his hike

write the equation to determine the total length in killmeters (h) of josh hike
Idk What This Is


what numbers could be the lengths of the sides of a patio in the shape of a right triangle? A) 1,2,3 B)5,12,18 C)6,12,15 D)7,24,25

my name is donte i am a high school student and i need some help on my work .
Idk What This Is


You cultivate 60 stalks of corn after working for 4 hours on your farm. What is your average speed of cultivate per hour ?

Just answer the question which is up there ^
Idk What This Is


Eight more than the product of a number and 4 is equal to 5

I don't know how to do this 
Idk What This Is


word problem

drew and Mat are arm-wrestling. Mat is stronger than drew, but drew is young and crafty. He knows that if 4 multiplied by the time they arm-wrestle,t, is greater than 4 but less than or equal to... more
Idk What This Is


There are twelve conjugations, one for each of the twelve subject pronouns.

it is for Spanish and to help me study
Idk What This Is


doing area of a rectangel

so we are doning area of a rectangle and i dont know how to do it so her are the # 5 in 10in 6 in 8 in and i can fiugier it out

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