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Help Asap Please Algebra 2 Standard Deviation


What were the original eight measurements collected using the mean and deviations?

Students collected eight length measurements for a mathematics lab. The mean measurements was 46.3 cm. and the deviations of seven individual measurements were 0.8 cm, -0.4 cm, 1.6 cm, -1.2 cm,... more
Help Asap Please Algebra 2 Algebra


How to Write a Systems of Equations with Step by Step Solution

Provide a step by step solution and explain what the numbers in your solution mean in the context of the question you chose.     Question:   48,000 fans are in attendance at the Diamondbacks... more
Help Asap Please


If I have some jars and I put 3/4 cup of grape jam in each jar using a total of 6 3/4 cups how many jars do I fill?

I really need help not understand the route to take in order to get the answer!

mathematical model functions

A right triangle has one vertex on the graph y=9x-x^2, x>0, at (x,y), another at the origin, and a third at the positive x-axis at (x,0). Express the area A of the triangle as a function of x.
Help Asap Please Math Word Problem


Mathematical models: constructing an open box

An open box with a square base to be made of a square piece of cardboard 24 inches on 24 inches on a side by cutting out a square from each corner an turning up the sides. Express the volume v of... more
Help Asap Please Math Pre Calculus


Mathematical Models

Volume of a cylinder: The volume of a right circular cylinder of height h and radius r is V=(Pi)r^2h. If the height is twice the radius, express the volume V as a function of r 
Help Asap Please Exponential Functions Alberga



A culture of bacteria doubles in weight approximately every 2.5 hours. The number of bacteria after t hours later can be approximated by 𝑁(𝑡) = 175(2.5)t a) How many bacteria would there be... more
Help Asap Please


Standard deviation

The scores on a psychology exam were normally distributed with a mean of 68 and a standard deviation of 6. A failing grade on the exam was anything 2 or more standard deviations below the mean.... more
Help Asap Please


Fraction question

A serving of a frozen casserole is 1/5 of a pan. If Vicky eats 1/6 of the pan, what fraction of a serving has Vicky eaten?
Help Asap Please


If the car is traveling 40 mph, it can stop in 80 feet. How many feet will it take the same car to stop when it is traveling 80 mph

I think it is a d=rt equation  
Help Asap Please Algebra


Solve for variable Y. Ax+2By=C

please explain with steps. 
Help Asap Please Algebra


Find the volume of a sphere if r=15 and pie=3.14

please explain with steps :) 
Help Asap Please Math #thanks


Need help with math homework

Hi I need help with my math homework it has ratios, it’s asking me to figure out what ratio was used to create this table. The table is 12:3    20:5    28:7    36:9 Plz Help and thx!

How do I solve this

How do I solve this, “Students surveyed boys and girls separately to determine which sport was enjoyed the most. After completing the boy survey, it was determined that for every 3 boys who enjoyed... more
Help Asap Please Math Decimals


solve the quadratic equation 3x²+x-5=0 give answers to two decimal places.

 This is just an equation which seams to have more than one ending answer maybe, but the answers need to also be to 2 decimal places.
Help Asap Please


2 more than twice a number p is no greater than the sum of p and 495

Need help


How many coach tickets did she buy? number of first class tickets bought=_____?

Sarah took the advertising department from her company on a round trip to meet with a potential client. Including Sarah a total of 11 people took the trip. She was able to purchase coach tickets... more
Help Asap Please Algebra 2 High School: Math


Change 1/3x+29=4y into standard form.

Help Asap Please


A line passes through the point (0, –4) and has a slope of 3/2. What is the equation of the line?

need help on this don't quite understand.
Help Asap Please


On a recent​ trip, Asha drove 214 miles on 10 1/9 gallons of gasoline. How many miles per gallon did she​ average?

Help me solve please
Help Asap Please Word Problem Word Problems


Word problem help please?

The life expectancy at birth y for females born in a certain country is given by the equation y=0.28x+73.7 , where x is the number of years after 1950.a. Find the life expectancy for a female born... more
Help Asap Please Chemistry Stuck On This


What [Ag+] is needed to begin precipitating Ag2SO4 (s) from a .0073 M SO4^-2 solution?

What [Ag+] is needed to begin precipitating Ag2SO4 (s) from a .0073 M SO4^-2 solution? Ksp of Ag2SO4 = 1.6 x 10^-5
Help Asap Please Word Problems Word Problem Help


word problem help please?

From 2008 through 2012, the function y=0.39x+9.8 can be used to approximate the movie box office (in billions of dollars) in region A, while the function y=0.9x+6.7 approximates the box office in... more
Help Asap Please Word Problem Word Problem Help


Help with this word problem, I'm confused.

Find how many quarts of 5% butterfat milk and 1% butterfat milk should be mixed to yield 120 quarts of 2% butterfat milk.
2 4 5 6 7 8 9

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