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Writing 2 equations from the information given..

A 500g slab of cheese is completely eaten by two mice. If Minnie had eaten twice as much as she did, and Mickey had eaten half as much as he did, there would have been 100g left. If Minnie = x... more
Due Tomorrow Morning Algebra Maths Please Help Me Asap..


The roots of a quadratic equation x^2-8x+c=0 are the same.

find the value of c.
Due Tomorrow Morning Math Word Problem Pre Algerbra


How much does a pizza cost?

Casey orders 3 pizzas and 2 orders of breadsticks for a total of $29.50. Rachel orders 2 pizzas and 3 orders of breadsticks for a total of $23. How much does a pizza cost?
Due Tomorrow Morning Math Question Help Asap Please


Due in a few hours.

Carlo wants to use a rain gauge to measure the amount of water his lawn is receiving from the sprinklers.Which rate is appropriate for describing the amount of water in this context?millimeters per... more

Can someone help me with calulating gravitational force?

I have an assignment due in a couple of hours for astronomy. I've been working on this for a few hours now, but I'm not really familiar with algebra. Any help would be greatly appreciated! The... more
Due Tomorrow Morning Math Pre Algebra Math Word Problem


An athlete is participating in a long distance relay race. The race distance is a total of 43/3 miles. The athlete has already completed 55/6 miles. How much fu

Need help! I've always sucked at math...but I need help ASAP it's due tomorrow morning which is like...12 hours...PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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