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balanced combustion reaction for C6H6 Equation: 2C6H6(l)+15O2(g)--> 12CO2+6H2O(l)_6542 KJ

If 5.300 g of C6H6 is burned and the heat produced from the burning is added to 5691 g of water at 21 °C, what is the final temperature of the water?

very tough chem question

What is the kinetic energy (in kJ mol-1) of a hypothetical gas with molecular weight 16.2 g mol-1 at a temperature of 48.7 °C? Do not try to identify the gas.

can you help my solve this?

A vineyard has 145 acres of Chardonnay grapes. A particular soil supplement requires 5.50 g for every square meter of vineyard. How many kilograms of the soil supplement are required for the entire... more

Chemistry Solution Math Problem - HELP!

A chemist needs 80 milliliters of a 50% solution but she only has 20% and 60% solutions available. Calculate how many milliliters of each should be mixed to get the desired result. How many... more

what is the volume of a rock that has a mass of 6.4 grams and a density of 2g/ml?

 what is the answer to this problem. i need help to check my answers.

Question about how significant digits work in chemistry.

I'm doing my online chemistry summer class and significant digits are included, of course. But I'm confused about them because everything I believe is being contradicted. Here's what I... more

Its a multiple choice I have C,D,F,G right now a classmate has C,D,E....help ? PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY

A 35g piece of  copper is warmed 45 to 55 C and placed in beaker (A) containing 100ml of alchohol at 25C. A 3tg sample of liquid water is warmed from 45 to 55C and placed in a second beaker (b)... more

How do you calculate rate of expansion of gas with temperature with a gradient of the line being 0.2?

i am doing a graph plotting in volume and temperature it has asked: How do you calculate rate of expansion of gas with temperature with a gradient of the line being 0.2? 

What mass of simple sugar glucose is produced by the reaction of 1.5g of water?

Green plants use light from the Sun to drive photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction in which water H2O and carbon dioxide CO2 chemically react to form the simple sugar glucose... more

A solid piece of gold has a mas of 1.15 kg and a volume of 3.8 deciliters. What is the density of the object?

 Part of my post labs questions and it driving me nuts trying to answer.

NEED HELP ASAP due tommorow been trying to figure this out all week its for science fair compotition

hello I have a project due tommorow and I need help with figuring out how much sulfuric acid I need to put into 2.5oz of water to lower it only 1 pH level and I need to find out the same to higher... more

density and specific gravity

The density of a 4.0 cubic centimeter sample of a metal is 11.3 grams/cubic centimeter. What is the specific gravity of an 8.0 cubic centimeter sample of the same metal?

mass, volume, and density

In this word problem the mass of Aluminum is 34.7 so how much is the volume (cm^3) and density ( g/cm^3)?

Mass of a Solute

The mass of solute per 100 mL of solution is abbreviated as (m/v). Mass is not technically the same thing as weight, but the abbreviation (w/v) is also common. How many grams of sucrose are needed... more

The volume of sodium hydroxide solution used

The volume of sodium hydroxide solution used was 760.0 ml, and the concentration was 0.300 m . calculate the moles of sulfuric acid that were neutralized (assuming that the reaction goes to... more

I have found mols of HCl and I have found mols of the unknown Metal (M). What are my next steps?

I have found the mols of the HCl solution and I have found the mols of the unknown M. I divided by the mass to get 53.89g/mol. What I did next was find the mols of NaOH by using the formula... more

Mole Fraction

A solution of Sodium Chloride in water has a vapor pressure of 26.8 torr at 30C. What is the mole fraction of NaCl in this solution? (Vapor Pressure of pure water is 31.824 torr at 30C)

A 20.0 mL sample of glycerol has a mass of 25.2 grams. What is the mass of a 57-mL sample of glycerol?

A 20.0 mL sample of glycerol has a mass of 25.2 grams. What is the mass of a 57-mL sample of glycerol?     EXPLAIN PLEASE

A bottle of liquid medication contains 300mL and costs $10.00. If the usual dose is 20mL, how much does each dose cost?

The topic goes on to a part b) stating if the usual dose is two tablespoons (1 tablespoon= 15 mL) how much does each dose cost?

i need some help working out this chemistry problem.

1. One cup of kidney beans contains 15 g of protein, 1.0 g of fat, and 42 g of carbohydrate. How many kilocalories, to two significant figures, does this sample contain?
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