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Determine the type of conics each equation represents using the discriminant.

1. 2x2-4xy+8y2+7=02. 2xy-x+y-3=03.x2-y2+4=0
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Willam wants to buy a new skate board that costs 48.80 $. He saved 1/4 of the amount necessary . How much money has he saved?

Just need the prob lem solved
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Complete the equations so that they each have a solution of −2. x− = −4 x2 =

x - blank = -4  x/2 =  
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Flying into the wind, an aircraft made an 1100km trip in 2hrs. Same aircraft can make the same trip in 1h 50 min if flown with the wind.

Find the speed of the aircraft. how do you find the speed and what equation would it be to represent going into the wind and with the wind? 
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slama had made 204 for 17 hours of work how much hours did she do to get $96?

can u guy please help me with my homework question it is do tomorrow.
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one number is one more than twice another number. Their sum is 91

How do you solve this 
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Whats the no solution, one solution, and infinite solutions answer to 2x+9+3x+x= _x+_

2x+9+3x+x= no solution  2x+9+3x+x= one solution  2x+9+3x+x= Infinite solution 
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What is 6r-8=8+6r

I’m supposed to find r but i’m so confused.
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What is the diameter of a soup can if the lateral surface area is 857.22 square centimeters and the height is 13 centimeters?

This is for a test review (7th grade advanced math) and I really don’t get the concept and how to do it.
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15 calculators cost $78.00, how much does 9 cost

15 calculators cost $78.00 how much does 9 calculators cost
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math i need help

is square root 49 a interger,real number,rational number,or irrational number
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Find the score that is 1/2 standard deviation above the mean. Mean is 70 and standard deviation is 14.

Scores on a test are normally distributed with a mean of 70 and standard deviation of 14.  
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Round 824.394 to the hundred

What is the answer
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How many miles can I travel on a full 15 gallon tank of gasoline

I need help on this question On how to calculate it and find the answer. “you recorded your car mileage and gasoline use for 5 weeks. Estimate the number of miles you can drive on a full 15 gallon... more
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What is “Nine times the difference of two and a number is forty more than twice the number”

I’m having trouble making this word problem into an equation
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Please help me solve this problem for my alegbra homework.

A security fence encloses a rectangular area on one side of a park in a city. Three sides of fencing are used, since the fourth side of the area is formed by a building. The enclosed area measures... more
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If f(x) = -7x + 5x2 + 10, what does f(-2) equal?

                                                                                                                                                                                                     ... more
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How many nickels were there?

from his paper route, brody collected $5.55 in nickels and dimes. The number of nickels was 6 more than the number of dimes.
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on a map 3 inches reresent 10 miles how many miles do 16 inches represent?

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Help with this problem

If x9+ 512 = (x+2)(a8x8+ a7x7+...+a1x+a0) then a8 + a7 + ... + a1 + a0 = ??
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How many liters of pure water should be mixed with a 15​-L solution of 80​% acid to produce a mixture that is 80 % ​water?

 How many liters of pure water should be mixed with a 15-L solution of 80% acid to produce a mixture that is 80 % water?
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The point (-3,3) is on a circle with the center (1,3). Write the standard equation of the circle. (HINT : Find the Radius First). Show all work

I was absent today and im struggling with this problem , If some one can help me i would appreciate it :)
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Form a system of equations to solve the problem. The sum of two numbers is 12. The difference of the numbers is 5. What is the smaller of the two numbers?

Hey, having an issue with this problem. Hopefully someone can figure it out! Thanks so much!


A box of eggs and a jug of milk cost $5. Two boxes of eggs and three jugs of milk cost $13. How much is a box of eggs? How much is a jug of milk?

Having a little trouble figuring this out! Hope someone out there can help me! Thank you in advance!
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Math question

Use this information to find the value of b.c = 25s = 9b = 4c - s2   b = ?

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