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Why did monarchy become common practice after the fall of Rome?

Why did the government of most nations after the fall of Rome and the beginning of medieval age turn to monarchy? Before the fall of Rome most nations seem to be organized after different model... more


What policy arguments do people make in favor of legalizing marijuana?

I am not asking why people want marijuana legal, I am asking what arguments people make that legalizing marijuana would be beneficial to a society?


What instruments does the House of Representatives have to control the executive branch of government?

The US election is mostly over and the Democrats have gained a majority in the House of Representatives, while the Republicans have got a majority in the Senate. What political instruments (for... more


Do high-level US government officials who are fired receive any compensation?

With the recent terminations of individuals like Tillerson and McMaster, I was wondering if this is costing taxpayers money. Do fired officials get a pension, severance, or other financial... more


Can I recall my US Senator or Representatives in Congress?

I live in Texas, is there an effective proceedure to recall my senator or representatives in Congress? Has an online petition ever been effective at recalling a Senator or Congressman?


Where can I find docs on lawsuits filed against a government agency?

While doing some research on my free time I came across an interesting article that had referenced a (public?) document of a lawsuit filed against the NSA. Due to the number of trolls on the net... more


What is the role and responsiblity of the king in Spain in the Spanish government?

What is the role of the king, socially or politically, in Spain? Recently Spain's monarch abdicated his throne for his son. [See... more


What are taxes for since law forbids printing of money?

I'm wondering for a long time if people complain about taxes, why they let the government collecting it while it has the authority on supply of money through monetary policy? This looks for me like... more


In the US how much power does the President have over the budget?

Let's say the president wants to either increase or decrease spending. He pledges to veto any budget that doesn't increase/decrease spending by X amount. How much impact would this actually have?... more


What happens if Members of Parliament defect causing a Government to lose a majority?

If enough Members of Parliament defect causing a Government to lose their majority, is the process that the incumbent can try to form a new Government via coalition or confidence and supply? If... more


What are the differences between the Tea Party and the Republican Party?

To Republicans, the Tea Party movement is considered a separate organization espousing some Republican ideals. What are the particular idiosyncrasies that differentiate between the Republicans and... more


If Jim, a random citizen, owes TD Bank $300,000 for his house mortgage, is this added to the U.S. national debt?

According to [Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_debt_of_the_United_States): National debt consists of two components. The first is > *Debt held by the public*, such as Treasury... more


Can the United States Federal Government alter the Criminal Justice System?

**Question** I was wondering whether or not the phrase/sentence/claim/statement: "The United States Federal Government ought to alter the Criminal Justice System" be hypothetically feasible? To... more


What are the mandatory positions in the Cabinet of the United Kingdom?

I am writing a paper on various types of government structures and was trying to find out What are the mandatory positions in the cabinet of the United Kingdom. I know that every Prime minster has... more


Conditions for socialism?

Historically, fascism and extreme right wing movements have become popular in response to certain conditions. These conditions include: - real or perceived economic instability at the national... more


Does total US public debt include state debt?

When I see total US public debt, I wonder whether state debt is included. If "total US public debt" used differently for different cases, I will restrict my case to the usage in national... more


Who controls the British Armed Forces?

I'm trying to research this for a friend. I understand that the government of the United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy, in which the Queen is the head of state and the Prime Minister is the... more


Can the British public request a General Election?

As some of you may know, as a result of the Panama Papers leak, David Cameron admitted that he profited from his father's Panama offshore trust. Among much confusion and anger, some members of the... more


What policy arguments do people make in favor of legalizing marijuana?

I am not asking why people want marijuana legal, I am asking what arguments people make that legalizing marijuana would be beneficial to a society?


Why does Russia hold hard on keeping Chechnya?

Since the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, lot of its republics chose to be independent states and most succeeded without any significant pressure from the then newly established Russia. But one... more


Is the French government formed before and/or after the legislative elections?

In 2017, France had Presidential elections [on 23 April and 7 May](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_presidential_election,_2017) and will have legislative elections [on 11 and 18... more


How can I get more involved in politics?

Relatively recently I have gained a lot of interest in the study of politics and government. Naturally, with this newfound interest, I want to get involved in my local government but I'm not sure... more


Is there any position in the U.S. Government that is not required to answer to the president?

Other than the Supreme Court and Congress, Is there any position in the US Government that is not required to answer to the President of the United States?


How could people access the database of new laws and upcoming bills before the government started posting them on the internet?

Currently, the government posts upcoming bills and newly passed laws to their online database, but before that, how did people find out that new laws were passed or might be passed? Some people... more

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