150 Questions for the topic Government


Why is government usually divided in exactly three specific branches?

In most countries, government is divided into legislative, executive and judicial branch. For what reasons is this division to prevalant? Why isn't government divided in some other way (e.g. there... more


How do Northern Ireland's Assembly designations work? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

What are the implications of MLAs designating themselves as being part of a certain community? To what extent does it fulfil its intended purpose? What are its criticisms? What alternatives have... more


Would anything stop a technology company from shutting down in protest of government regulations?

Suppose a government does something to annoy a company, what would stop the company from protesting the action by stopping the sales/providing their services? For example a hardware company such... more


Is India moving towards capitalism?

These days we see the current government of India (led by the National Democratic Alliance) favoring and profiting Indian and foreign capitalists. Is India moving again towards the direction of... more


What is the role of Ministers and the Parliamentary Secretaries in Canada?

I need your help, I am looking to find more information or if someone can tell me more about What is the role of Ministers and the Parliamentary Secretaries in Canada? Look forward to your... more


How much does being a shadow minister affect your chances of becoming a real one?

In UK, **when the government is formed by opposition party**, what effect does having been a shadow minister before the party switch have on becoming a real one afterwards? I'm looking for one or... more


How does a person become stateless?

Despite international conventions with provisions against statelessness, how does a person lose their only citizenship, or be born without citizenship, today in this day? Is it possible? What are... more


Can an electoral college member vote twice for the same man?

In the electoral college, members vote for a president and vice president in order to get both positions. Could they just vote for the same man twice for president (thus giving up the vice... more


Is democracy a hegemony?

I am not from a liberal arts (I have an engineering major) background and hence this question might seem so trivial to experts in this field.What I understand by hegemony is that it is a kind of... more


How did the First French Empire and allies differ from the other European monarchies at that time?

During the Napoleonic Wars (especially towards the end), France and most of its allies (e.g. Kingdom of Italy, Duchy of Warsaw, Kingdom of Spain) are absolute monarchies. However, they seemed to... more


Why do UK government ministers not vote on backbench motions?

According to the [BBC](http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-29596822): > It is convention that ministers abstain when voting takes place on a backbench MP's motion What is the history and... more


How can we define which EU countries are giving more power to regions? Which patterns are used to evaluate it?

It is common in Spain to say that the Autonomous communities have the highest level of autonomy among the European Union: they have a lot of power in the areas of taxes, laws, etc. I also heard... more


What is the difference between a socialist, a democratic socialist and a social democrat?

What are the primary differences between socialism, democratic socialism and social democracy? Are they simply three branches of a the same ideology? Primarily in theory, but if you can give any... more


Why do some citizens support authoritarian regimes?

Why is it that across the world, some people consider authoritarian regimes to be beneficial. Why is this, and why is there a rise on support for authoritarian regimes. Source;... more


What is the constitutional status of military bases?

Does the United States Constitution have any amendments related to foreign bases? Technically foreign bases aren't U.S. territory, but they must have some laws.


Gold Confiscation Act of 1933?

On March 9, 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) called Congress in for an emergency session, which would result in the speedy passing of the **Gold Confiscation Act**. According to FDR's Executive... more


What is ISIS fighting for?

I can't find anything on the subject that isn't extremely biased in either direction... Can anyone give me a down to earth answer to what ISIS's ideology is, what exactly are they fighting for?... more


What are taxes for since law forbids printing of money?

I'm wondering for a long time if people complain about taxes, why they let the government collecting it while it has the authority on supply of money through monetary policy? This looks for me like... more


Why does it matter which house of Congress a bill originates in?

The U.S. Constitution (Article 1, Sec. 7) states that: > All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as... more


What does shutting down the government mean?

What does it mean for a government to be shutdown, and how does it affect the nation?


Chicago Neighborhood Map.

I noticed on some neighborhood maps of Chicago there is a tiny section within the Norwood Park neighborhood that is not considered park of the city of Chicago. You can see it on this map... more


How did cincinnatus show civic virtue?

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