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Priorities of Constitution

Does our modern government reflect the same priorities as the Framers? Discuss one way (citing a specific example from the Constitution) our government is in alignment with the intentions of the... more


US ConsPreamble

After reading the Preamble to the Constitution, in your opinion, which goal are we best (as a nation) at fulfilling? Which goal are we failing at fulfilling? Provide an explanation for your... more
U.s. Constitution


Clause 2 and 3 from article 2 section 1 in the constitution have been amended by the ________, and the _________ ?

Article 2 of the constitution section 1 clause 2 and clause 3 have been amended by the _______, and the _______?


Discuss how to investigate the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution as historical documents.

What time period? Whose writing it? What is happening? Why does it matter today? What is the purpose of these documents? What was happening during this time period?


Why was the Beard Theory Important (Charles Beard)?

 I understand what it is; he claimed the constitution was written by the wealthy to protect their interests but am wondering the significance of it.


Compare and Contrast the Virginia Constitution with the US Constitution

A simple list with differences and similarities would be fine
U.s. Constitution Law Government Constitutional Law


Where is the idea that a majority of the houses of Congress must agree to pass a law come from? Is it from part of the Constitution?

A majority in both houses must agree to pass a law for it to become a law, where is this stated?
U.s. Constitution


U.S. Constitution

Read, evaluate and analyze the U.S. Constitution. Understanding each of the amendments within it, create your own amendment that you deem necessary to its current form. Write the amendment as the... more

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