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HELP I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111

Why might a company choose Linux for its operating system instead of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS?The company can create an operating system to fit its specific needs.The company's employees can... more
Computer Yw


A field name connot include spaces



Deleted MATLAB files plzzz help

I am doing m tech and I have to submit my thesis and MATLAB files oh till tomorrow and my all MATLAB files are deleted pllzzzzzz help from where can I get those files back   Plzzz help  From... more

what is the problem with this code

def new password=str(input("Please enter your new password ")) password2=str(input("Please re-enter your password")) if password==password2: print ("Password completed") if password2:... more
Computer Science Em Fm


Why is AM and FM in binary?

Why don't we code electromagnetic waves with AM and FM in more then two different frequencies/amplitudes? 2 to the power n seems less interesting than 3 or more to the power n for coding information.
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true or false the title of the story is the readers first clue about the subject of the plot

I like asking questions because that is  how you learn


Can i format my laptop even though i do not know its administrator password?

Answer please

If Statements (CS) Visual Basic

1.  intX = 129 intY = 200 intCount = 1   If (intX > 120 And intY < 30) Then intCount = intCount + 1 Else intCount = -1 End If   intCount = ?????   Can someone please explain this... more


Hello, do you know what it means to change you DNS to OpenDNS on your computer ?

I haven't been able to get access to my email on outlook, but then I read somewhere that I just have to change the DNS to OpenDNS (for some reason) unfortunately I don't know what that even means.    more
Computer Networking Acer


My acer wireless internet communication button isn't working, why?

My computer says to connect an Ethernet cable to make it work when I click troubleshoot problems. The acer models have a wireless internet communication button on them. Mine is on the left, but... more


what is a network printer

i need extra details and a high urgency

C++ Programming Homework Due Tonight :(

I'm pretty sure this assignment is really easy but I haven't learned anything in the class. Basically he wants us to rewrite part of a program as a module. #include <iostream> using... more


Computer help

Your boss wants you to configure his laptop so that he can access the company network when he is on the road. You suggest a VPN connection to him. He is very concerned about security and asks you... more
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Laptops combo jack microphone dont work

Hi. I just bought a new HP laptop and it has Combo Jack in it instead of "old" separate mic and audio jack. So i decided to buy an adapter to it. And now when i have plugged my headphones to it, it... more

What would be five different states through which ports on a switch running STP can transition.

Sorry for the many questions, only asking cause like I said in my previous question my knowledge is little in the networking field and any help would be much appreciated. How do you bypass the... more


assassins creed 4

can I play assassins creed 4 with intel core 2 duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz?


Confused about IP adress.

Hello.I would like to make sure of somthing.I wanted to hide my IP adress so I downloaded a program called ,,proXPN".When I tryed to log in into my yahoo email it said that ,,they couldnt recognize... more


Why would a person would get sick from studying for a test? What are strategies that alieve testing sickness?

What would cause this? I understand that stress can cause one to get sick on test day or after test and am used to that, but have never experience this in studying for any other test included... more

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