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Can someone make a program like this I need it as a basis and I want to properly learn PLease Help Me Out

Create a program that simulates the Transfer funds function of an Automated Teller Machine. All the data transactions and/or processes should reflect in the database.

The user must not be able to transfer an amount higher than his current balance.

The program should accept number inputs only. Any other inputs must be rejected and shall not return an exception.

The program should verify whether the receiver is exists in the database before transferring the money.

Once the amount has been transferred, the balance of the sender and the receiver should be updated based on the amount entered.


Step 1: Create a database and the tables based on the information below. Set the names appropriately and make sure to use the correct data type. Also, set your primary keys and/or unique keys.

Account Number Full Name Pin code Login Attempt Left Balance
202010251 Juan Protasyo 1234 9 100,000.00
202010241 Julie Sta Maria 4568 10 5,000.00
201145649 Monte Del 8888 2 300.00


Transaction Number Sender Receiver Amount
10001 201145649 202010251 50,000.00
10002 202010241 202010251 45,000.00

 NOTE: Add the account number and pin code to your tables with the following value for both: 1234

Step 2: At the start of the program execution, it should ask the user for the account number and pin code.

           Account number:

           Enter pin code:

Step 2a: Make sure to update the login attempt if the user entered the wrong pin code-consecutively. When the login attempt reached 0, your program should notify the user to contact the administrator.

Step 3: After successfully entering the account number and pin code correctly, the program should show the following options:

  1. Deposit
  2. Withdraw
  3. Transfer Fund
  4. Exit

Step 4: All the options should be working accordingly and connected in the database. Each option should update the existing data inside the database.

Step 5: Make sure to catch all the exceptions.

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Student S.

Thank you sir, I'd love to have you tutor me but sadly i don't have money. Thank you so much for helping me


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