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C++ Array of Bank accounts & Ask user to sort by name, id or balance.

C++ question: I have a BankAccount class that has private member variables, string name, string id, and int balance. I made an array of 5 Bank Account objects that stored different names, bank... more

I need help with this HW assignment: Project 2: Functional Decomposition II - Math Skill Builder!!!


C++ Programming - Sum of two Numbers

Sum of Two NumbersWrite a program that stores the integers 50 and 100 in variables, and stores the sum of these two in a variable named total.

Introduction to C++ Programming

Write pseudocode to create a detailed program of one of your daily regular activities like studying and family time.

Can someone help me write a css code

Hi there! I want CSS code for my website. The website has themes that are already made, and we can change text, add products, and so on. The website also provides a CSS editor, like Square Space... more


Array list for c++,

Array testGrades contains NUM_VALS test scores. Write a for loop that sets sumExtra to the total extra credit received. Full credit is 100, so anything over 100 is extra credit. Ex: If testGrades =... more

i need help please

Newton's law of cooling.dT/dt=−K(T−Ta)Resolve this ODE using the scipy library.

Help with 4.28 LAB*: Program: Drawing a half arrow C++

Write a program that outputs a downwards facing arrow composed of a rectangle and a right triangle. Arrow dimensions are defined by user specified arrow base height, arrow base width, and arrow... more


could not work out this problem

A user is Asked to guess a random number (0-999) generated by the computer at the beginning of the program if the users guess is too high or too low, she/he will get feedback from the computer. the... more


C++ Write a code

Write a program to read a positive integer value less that 100 that represents the number of cents, and to output the change starting with the maximum number of quarters, then dimes, nickels and... more


C++ writing a program

Write a program to read from the keyboard two integers values with appropriate prompt messages and to do the following1- Compute and print their sum with an appropriate message.2- compute and print... more


Online Shopping Cart

Build the ItemToPurchase class with the following specifications: Default constructor Public class functions (mutators & accessors) setName() & name() setPrice() & price() setQuantity()... more

C++ coding for BMI Calculator

can anyone fix this?...im having some error in this c++ code.#include <iostream>#include <string>using namespace std;class Person{ public: string name; int age; float weight; float... more

Write a Program in C++ that calculates the amount of paint needed to paint the walls of a room?

A room has one door, two windows, and a built-in bookshelf and it needs to be painted. Suppose that one gallon of paint can paint 120 square feet.Write a program that prompts the user to input (in... more


Need help with data Structures - graphs c++

c) a function for a shortest path algorithm (perhaps shortest_path(source, destination)) d) a function for a minimum spanning tree algorithm (example min_span_tree()).I have the rest of the code... more


MyLinkedList: MyLinkedList should have all of the functions from MyVector v1, but must store data in a linked list rather than an array.

For this assignment, you will re-implement MyVector as a class called MyLinkedList. MyLinkedList should have all of the functions from MyVector v1, but must store data in a linked list rather than... more

how is this done??

Write a complete C++ command to implement a "Sum of Numbers in Range" (sonir) program. Place all your code inside the main() routine; do not write any extra user-defined functions. To minimize your... more


How to implement a template linked list in C++?

I need to implement a Template Linked List in C++ , and I'm asked to use three Fixed file(which is cannot changed):ContainerIfc.h class BADINDEX {}; template <class T> class ContainerIfc { ... more


inlab21.cpp: In member function ‘DataType Queue::dequeue()’:inlab21.cpp:28:2: error: ‘temp’ was not declared in this scope temp=frontPtr================================// This is the default... more

i got an error saying this.

main21.cpp: In function ‘int main()’:main21.cpp:49:26: error: ‘maxlength’ was not declared in this scope if(qLength>maxLength) maxlength = qLength;... more


Can someone help me with this?

It is too long to explain here...so i will share a link to see where iam getting at.I already did it but i keep getting errorhttps://codeshare.io/RbrJ9W


 file deleteIthNode.cpp so that it finishes the implementation of the method deleteIthNode. This method deletes the ith item from a list of items. #include "structs.h"//Function to delete the ith... more

How do i finish the implementation of the method insertInOrder.

This method appends the record 'newData' into the correct sorted position in the linked list. If the list is empty, make the new node the head node of the list (i.e., have the head pointer point... more


how do i implement this? I got tis errors

to implement the print method to print out the items in the list. Each node is printed on a line with the account number, then a tab, and finally the balance. To output a tab character, use cout... more


I keep getting this error...can someone help me??

inlab17a.cpp: In function ‘int main()’:inlab17a.cpp:16:9: error: request for member ‘readFile’ in ‘store1’, which is of non-class type ‘StoreClass()’ store1.readFile("ex3_data.0"); ... more

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