Lavi M.

asked • 11/22/20

Can someone do me this project?-java

The project description:

As a programmer, you have been asked to write a Java application, using OOP concepts, for a Hospital

with the following requirements:

• The Hospital has several employees and each one of them has an ID (int), name (string), address

(string), mobile phone number (string), email (string) and salary (double) with suitable data types.

• The employees are divided into:

o Administration staff: who have in addition to the previous information their position (string).

o Doctor: who have also a rank (string) and specialty (string).

• The Hospital also has a set of patients. Each patient is identified by his ID (int), name (string), address

(string), mobile phone number (string), email (string), type (A or B) (char) and a set of hospital services

(vector or arraylist).

• The Hospital has a set of services to be provided to the patients. Each service is identified by ID (int),

name (string) and price (double). The patient who is from type A will have a discount 25% of the service

price. Assume that all doctors could provide all possible services.

• Every patient could be treated by one doctor and every doctor could treat zero or more patients

• Each patient receives one or more services from the doctor who treats him.

The project requirements:

• You will need to create all the needed Java classes with all the required information.

• You have to apply all the OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts that we have covered in this

module (i.e. inheritance, polymorphism, interface, UML, exception handling and collections)

• Include a text file (call it as names.txt) that includes group students names and student numbers

(in English).

• Include a Microsoft Word document FILE (name it as readme.doc) that includes several screenshots

of your Netbeans IDE application GUI interface as well as the output screenshot results. The

document should also include a UML class diagram of all the classes, associations and multiplicity

(cardinality) among these classes. Provide all assumptions that you have made during design and


• Include the whole Netbeans Java project FOLDER with all source codes. Write as much comments as

possible to document your source codes.

At the end, you will need to create a testing class (e.g. with a static main() method with the

following requirements:

• It must have initial fixed collections of working staff (at least 3 administration staffs and 2


• The project will start by reading a name. If the name is in the administration staff collection, the

program will continue. If it is not, the program will ask for a name again.

• The program will print a selection screen were the administrative staff can choose the operation

he/she wants to perform. The selection screen will be repeated after each selection until the staff

type the number 9 to exit the program:

1. Add a doctor (by providing all her/his information)

2. Add a service (by providing all its information)

3. Add a patient (by providing all her/his information)

4. Print all doctors information

5. Print all patients information

6. Display specific doctor data (by reading doctor ID by the user)

7. Display specific patient data (by reading patient ID by the user)

8. Print a specific patient’s bill (by reading the patient ID by the user and then calculating the

total price for all services provided for this patient (could be more than one service for each


9. Exit the program

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Patrick B.

Click on my icon to send email. I also listed in in your last posting. Here it is again: Patrick dot Baldwin dot 1 at wyzant dot com


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