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Calculating Derivatives in MATLAB

PLEASE USE MATLABMy project is supposed to use Matlab and let the user type in any function and the output is the derivative of the function inputed. Please copy and paste your code... I am... more


Determine the Number of People that attended the game in Each Category Cost and the Total Revenue.

A Football stadium has 100,000 seats. In a game with full capacity people with the following ticket and associated cost attended the game: Cost:Student - 25Alumni - 50 Faculty - 75Public -... more


load .mat file in simulink from python hdf5storage library?

I am trying to load/read some random data in simulink I created using the Python module `hdf5storage`. I created `.mat` file in Python (simulink supports version 7.3 only) using this code: #... more


Matlab - Iterating through an array and appending to a new one?

I got an array that is a audio recording, and I'd like to add some noise on it so later I can remove it in Simulink and compare the original to the one that I removed the noise. My problem is that... more


I would like to be able to compare values in one CSV with a nominal set of values in another?

I have been given the task of injecting faults into a system and finding deviations from a norm. These deviations will serve as the failures of the system. So far we've had to detect these faults... more


Use Matlab Raspberry PI Support Package function in Simulink as Matlab Function Block?

I'm new to Matlab and Simulink and I need to get a simulation run on the Raspberry PI. For interaction I use the Raspberry PI Support Package of Matlab. I use the following code to open the... more


Tuning and optimizing a MATLAB/Simulink Model?

I would like to optimize output signals, by tuning some of the input parameters with ease (preferably in real-time) by looping the simulation of the model again and again at a speed where the speed... more


creating random numbers that favor smaller numbers?

say i generated a set of random numbers and put them into an array, (pre-sorted for simplicity) i'll use javascript to show the math: var vals = new... more


Derivative of sigmoid?

I'm creating a neural network using the backpropagation technique for learning. I understand we need to find the derivative of the activation function used. I'm using the standard sigmoid... more


Game Theory in matlab

How to solve game theory matrix 2x2 by matlab


Deleted MATLAB files plzzz help

I am doing m tech and I have to submit my thesis and MATLAB files oh till tomorrow and my all MATLAB files are deleted pllzzzzzz help from where can I get those files back   Plzzz help  From... more


rewrite the following pseudocode using proper indentation

rewrite the following pseudocode using proper indentation Do i=i+1 IF z>50EXIT x=x+5 IF x>5 THEN y=x ELSE y=0 ENDIF z=x+y ENDDO


what is the answer of question

The cosine function can be evaluated by the following infinite series: cosx=1-(x^2)/2!+(x^4)/4!-(x^6)/6!+....Write a MATLAB code to implement this formula in order to compute the value of cosx up... more


Writing matlab scripts

Write a Matlab script file that uses the Newton-Raphson method to find an approxi-mation to the third positive root of sin(x) + cos(4x) − 0.3. You should:• use an initial condition of x being 3.5;•... more


Please help with the following mechanical measurements homework question.

The signal, v(t) = 5cos(2πt) is measured with the following sampling periods of, 3/4 second, 1/2second, 1/8 second, and 1/30 second. Plot 10 seconds of each waveform using the “stairs()”command in... more


matlab code

I miss understand the this code   clear all;Ts=1e-2; t=0:Ts:10; x1 = exp(-13/5.*t);h1=3*exp(-2*t)+2*exp(-3*t);y1=conv(x1,h1)*Ts;t2=0:Ts:20;figure;plot(t2,y1);grid; ylabel('y1');... more


Matlab, re-writing programming

Hi, I have been given this programming for calculating time. However I would like to write this out in a far more straight forward, simpler form. Is it possible for anyone to show me how I can do... more


I need to calculate derivative of a function whose parameters are functions of other parameters using MATLAB or Maple

I'm doing some mathematical calculation of some symbolic math that includes multiplication and differentiation of some matrices.Some of the parameters in my calculations are functions of time. for... more


what does the following program do? for k=1:31 disp(datestr(now,k)) end

what does the following program do?   for k=1:31     disp(datestr(now,k)) end


Array in matlab

I'm trying to set up a matrix of variable length with two columns into which I can store the results of a for loop. The length will be determined by the number of iterations of the loop.


Hey, I have this question for Matlab, and I am completely lost on what I need to do .

Chemical, environmental, and nuclear engineers must be able to predict the changes in chemical concen- tration in a reaction. A model used for many single reactant process isRate of change of... more


How to find the answer of maximum and minimum height in a range using for loop, if else and find function in Matlab language

How to find the answer of maximum and minimum height in a range using for loop, if else and find function in Matlab language   The range is x = [1 2 5 0 2 3] that should give the highest jump... more


matlab question

My program is never done running and I can't quite figure out why. Here's the question: for every n = 2, 3, 4, 5, ....100 compute a value of arcsin(1/n) by applying Newton-Raphson Method to the... more

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