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Write the assembly code in AT&T syntax for the functions recursive, iterative, and closed, intended for people to be able to read it, not in assembly compiled and generated by a machine.

Write the assembly code in AT&T syntax for the functions recursive, iterative, and closed, intended for people to be able to read it, not in assembly compiled and generated by a machine. They... more


How do I know what proxy server I'm using?

I need to know what the address for my proxy server is so I can configure another program to also use it. If I go into IE, Internet Properties, LAN Settings, then all I see is an automatic... more
Networking Vocabulary C Unix


What do pty and tty mean?

I noticed there are many mentions of `pty` and `tty` in some opensource projects, could someone can tell me what do they mean and what is the difference between them? Thanks!


Addition of two IP addresses

How can I add this IP addresses together? + 54.105.153   and + 63. 31


computer network hardening

what policies should be implemented for computer network hardening?
Networking Computer Acer


My acer wireless internet communication button isn't working, why?

My computer says to connect an Ethernet cable to make it work when I click troubleshoot problems. The acer models have a wireless internet communication button on them. Mine is on the left, but... more


Which of the following is likely to have the heaviest network traffic

A. On home network without a server B. On a business peer to peer network that shares word and excel files C. To and from a room that houses a server farm D. To a server in an office that has... more

What would be five different states through which ports on a switch running STP can transition.

Sorry for the many questions, only asking cause like I said in my previous question my knowledge is little in the networking field and any help would be much appreciated. How do you bypass the... more

What is the forward delay in STP?

Little knowledge in this field any help would be appreciated.    1.What are the port states in an STP implementation?2.How does STP calculate its cost?3.How long does it take to transition from... more

What trunking protocols does VTP support


How do i calculate current (I) for the circuit shown.


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