Lavi M.

asked • 11/18/20

Help!! How to solve these matlab problems?


Enter the following data into the Matlab command window.

A=[02: 1 4];

B=[1 3; 2 6]:

What is A*B? What is A.*B?

What does A.^-I produce verses A^-1?


Given the matrix: M=[1 1; 1 3;]; Use loops to determine how many

of the entries are greater than I and the location of all qualifying entries (the corresponding row and column)


Find Taylor series using MATLAB for the following functions:

1. sin(x) up to 6th order

2. cos(x) up to 8th order

3. 1/1-x up to 10th order


Using the Newton-Raphson routine determine the zero of the function

• f(x)= ex - e-2x+ 1.

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