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Create a program similar to this while the output stays the same.

Using a text editor, create a file that contains a list of at least 10 six-digit account numbers. Read in each account number and display whether it is valid. An account number is valid only if the... more

heres a cs question

Consider the following code segment, which is intended to find the average of two positive integers, x and y.int x;int y;int sum = x + y;double average = (double) (sum / 2);Which of the following... more

I have a cs question

The following code segment is intended to round val to the nearest integer and print the result.double val = -0.7;int roundedVal = (int) (val + 0.5);System.out.println(roundedVal);Which of the... more

How to make these 4 classes with these information?(java)

Class1 (Person)-name: String-address:StringMethods:+Person(name: String, address : String)+getName():Stringg+getAddress():String+setAddress (address: String) : void+toString():String ---->"name... more

database assignment

You are working in a Library and the Supervisor has asked you to create a database to store the data in the tables below. use MS access any versionUsers... more
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How can I sell my products on Amazon.com?

What is the process involved in selling physical items on Amazon.com?

Probability of correct message sent over network

We wish to transmit an n-bit message to a receiving agent, which is the case for the low-level messaging on most computer networks. Unfortunately, no network technology is perfect, and it is... more

Coffee Shop programm

need C++ code for the following programmingThe assignment is based on the following scenario: The USP Coffee Shop offers a range of beverages to its customers. The coffee shop is upgrading their... more

-Need the pseudo code and the flowchart. -answer part 3 for the question which is two essays!

here is the code for the program.-Need the pseudo code and the flowchart.-answer part 3 for the question which is two essays!C++ code:#include <iostream>using namespace std;#include... more

Need C++ coding or this assignment


Managing Customer Records in a Bank

Problem: Managing Customer Records in a BankA bank in your town updates its customers’ account at the end of each month. The bank offers two types of accounts: Savings and Checking. Every customer... more

I want to ask about an sql injection vulnerability. I did't find a way to exploit it.

I wanna know if vulnerability really exists if it exists if it is exploitable. Zap tool give me some info like this.... ' | case randomblob(10000000) when not null then'''' else '''' end But i can'... more

knowledge in “code of ethics’”

Refer to the guide “ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct” (https://www.acm.org/code-of-ethics)Based on your understanding from this guide, relate and then suggest any 5 FIVE guidelines of... more


Screen stays black when pc is running

Hey I have been using my pc for a couple weeks now and it has ran perfectly and smoothly. I decided to buy more ram and this morning I inserted them and now my screen will not turn on and my fans... more

computer sciiii

How did old computers run without operating systems?

The first operating systems were discovered in the 1950s. So how did older vacuum tube computers like Z3, Mark 1, ENIAC , EDVAC, etc work in the 1940s and earlier? There were said to be programmers... more

File Compression and multi-dimensional arrays

"Need a new c++ code done in Dev-C++ 5.11""Compiler set to configure TDM-GCC 4..9.2 64-bit Release"Scenario (need c++ coding)A simple matrix could be used to store data about images by using 1’s... more

Matlab question

a) Write a MATLAB script that fits a straight line and to the data set given below and plots the given data as points(o) and fitted data as a line.d |15.5 33.07 53.39 140.24 301.03... more

Matlab question

Let "f(x) = x^2 +x - 960"Write a MATLAB script that finds a root of the user-defined function using bisection method and gives the tabulated results in a .txt file.How can I solve this pleae ?

Matlab question NEED FOR HELPPP!!

Write a MATLAB function to solve the system of linear equations given below using matrix division. Make r an input to the function and x will be the output. ⌈ 5 2r r ⌉ { x1 } ... more

Matlab question for professionals

a) Write a MATLAB script that fits a straight line and to the data set given below and plots the given data as points(o) and fitted data as a line.d |15.5 33.07 53.39 140.24 301.03... more


How can I make a successful career change, start, or transformation during these challenging times?

I'm asking this question to showcase what many are feeling at this time. The times are challenging but I have successfully managed career change over the last 30yrs. I can help and feel for you... more

I can't make a my character move when I run my javascript (Intellij), what is wrong with my code?

package movement; import processing.core.PApplet; import processing.core.PImage; public class LunasAdventures extends PApplet { PImage moth; PImage bg; public static void... more

Need help with this

What are the important steps in developing a VPN policy?

What is this and why

What is a deny all and catch all rule and why is it positioned at the end of the list

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