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Confused about IP adress.

Hello.I would like to make sure of somthing.I wanted to hide my IP adress so I downloaded a program called ,,proXPN".When I tryed to log in into my yahoo email it said that ,,they couldnt recognize my device" so that made me happy cuz it proved me it really hides my IP(atcually replace it with fake one of course).But what confuses me is that if i try out an online service that reveals ure ip it shows my real one ,even on facebook when i verifyed.Wasnt it suppose to show my fake one?Does it mean the program doesnt actually work that well?

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My first question would be WHY? there are some legitimate reasons to do this, but as a former network Administrator, all the red flags go off at this request.

Assuming a viable reason, I would warn you may find that many links etc will not work. Plan on giving up access to online banking, bill paying and chatting on many sites, as well as shopping online.


I agree Thomas, in a LAN I do not see a purpose to hiding an IP address other than maliciousness. 

Dr, have you considered using a VPN (virtual private network)? This would be a better alternative and more secure than using a third party software.  Good luck.
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I am not sure why you would want to hide your IP address from anyone but you can always use a hardware firewall to prevent someone from seeing your actual IP address. They would be presented with the 192.168.x.x address.