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Word for making an implication with tone?

Sometimes when people use the name of the person they're talking to in a statement it's used to dismiss the discussion at hand. For example, "Because the sky is blue, Alice" or "If you have two... more


Is it possible to start out on a nonharmonic tone then play its resolution?

For an example if I used an escape tone from F major to C major, using a B-flat note to G, once the chord changes from F major to C major. In all examples I've seen on non-harmonic tones it seems... more

Examples of acoustic instruments producing sounds very close to pure square, triangle or sawtooth waves?

I've been able to find plenty of info about acoustic instruments that create sounds close to sine-waves, and I understand that sounds approximating square, triangle and sawtooth waves are produced... more


Term used when answering a question with a lowered tone?

Is there a term/phrase that can be used to describe the answering of a question with such a tone that would indicate that the answer isn't as all it seems? For example, if one person were to ask... more


What is the tone of this line?

I am preparing for an aptitude test and then I came to a question. I need to find the 'tone' of a line that is written below.*John likes work, it fascinates him! He can sit and look at it for... more


What key to use for a certain meaning or theme in the song?

I know this might be considered a very vague question, but I don't know where else to go. I've started songwriting recently and I'm still a beginner. I was wondering, what key(s) should I write my... more
Tone Style Mood


Which type of text would use the most formal language?

A.) letter to grandmotherB.) newspaper article C.) instructional manual D.) court opinion

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