Are the LT capital gains tax rates based off gross income or AGI?

Say a single filer has 2019 wages of $50,000 and LT capital gains of $10,000. Would I use $60,000 to determine my capital gains tax rate or $47,800 ($60,000 less the 2019 standard deduction)? I... more

Convert Continuous Compounding to Semiannual

An interest rate of 3.75% per year, continuously compounded, is equivalent to what annual interest rate with semiannual compounding?

Paying of loan in 9 months

How much interest will someone pay on a loan of 10 000$ if this person paying the loan of in 9 months and the loan rate is 4%?Which formula is suitable for this? Is 10 000$ PMT?


what will be the value of the fund after three years?

Megan is already looking ahead to graduation and a job, and she wants to buy a new car not long after her graduation. If after graduation she begins an investment program of $2,400 per year in an... more

Marketing Analytics Question (Please explain your answer)

Alexander Graham Crackers is studying the impact of a social media campaign for their Smorgasbords product line. Without social media, their sales in May were 120,000 boxes. With social media,... more

arrogant is to modest as feeble is to?

Can I ask Lightroom to delete copied photos from the SD card?

I have a 32GB SD card, and I find that I run out of space on the card sooner than I'd like. Can I get Lightroom to delete the photos from the SD card after they have been copied to the Mac? Not... more

How to prevent these automatic changes to images that are imported into Lightroom?

When I open images in Lightroom for the first time, during the loading process I see images that look "great", but after a while Lightroom applies some automatic processing to these images that... more

How can I calculate the sun rising time for a specific point on earth?

I'm looking for a tool, application, etc. that allows me to calculate the sun rising time for any specific point on the earth. I've found a lot of such tools, but all of them do not take mountains,... more

Where does Lightroom keep changes?

I've imported some raw images from camera and made changes. When I close and reopen LR I can still see the changes, but my original important RAW file is intact. So I'm curious, where/how LR keeps... more

What is the function of the tint slider in Lightroom?

In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (c) there's a Temp slider **which controls the color temperature of the photo**. To the left it creates a blue, cold looking image. To the right, an orange, warm image.... more

Ethical background of editing images?

I am a software engineering undergraduate and I implemented a system to match edited photographs with their original photographs to protect intellectual properties of photographers as my final year... more

How do I start with in-camera JPEG settings in Lightroom?

I'm a novice shooting in RAW and find that half the time my camera JPEG images come out better than my Lightroom tweaks to RAW files.So to give myself a better start I'd like to apply the JPEG... more


What is the central limit theorem in biostatistics?

Real estate photos with bright windows?

I am a real estate agent and have a canon 400 D with a wide angle lens EFS 10-18mm and a tripod. I know nothing about photography and the homes I photograph have all beautiful window views being a... more

Why is the range for manual white balance so limited at the bottom and top?

I am learning about white balance and everything related to it.Minimal setting for white balance in Lightroom is limited to 2000K (for example the candle light can be around 1600K). I remember one... more

What is it called when you put a sequence of photos together to show an event?

I just been taking photos of a demolition of a building and I am trying to remember what the technique is called when you go in Photoshop and put a sequence of photos together to show the... more

Batch adjusting the date (but not the time) of photos imported into Lightroom?

I purchased a new camera during my vacation, but I managed to take a whole night worth of photos with the incorrect date. I purchased the camera July 18th, but managed to set June 18th as the... more

What is an example of a morpheme?


Rules for pronunciation from spelling?

Is there a kind of list of rules that one could rely on for the pronunciation while reading?I'm quite sure there's some kind of rule that explain how to properly read english. It often happens when... more

Improving reading skills?

I am big fan of Sherlock Holmes and I watched all Tv series and movies. Also I want to read all Sherlock Holmes stories in English. I need to improve my reading skills and expand my vocabulary. So... more

How can I protect my job from a client publishing it elsewhere?

I am designing a brochure of 1,872 pages for a client. This client is asking me provide him with a copy of the job. I am 100% sure if I provide a copy this job is gone. He will print it elsewhere.... more

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