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Asked • 06/20/19

Can I ask Lightroom to delete copied photos from the SD card?

I have a 32GB SD card, and I find that I run out of space on the card sooner than I'd like. Can I get Lightroom to delete the photos from the SD card after they have been copied to the Mac? Not just moved to the Trash, but deleted, to recover space. I don't find such an option.Yes, this means that if my Mac corrupts its hard disc, I'm more likely to lose my photos, but I don't see any other option, short of buying a 64GB SD card or carrying multiple cards with me. (I do own multiple cards, but they are all slower than my primary card.)So: - Can LR reclaim space on the SD card when I copy photos out of it? - How would you suggest I deal with this situation?EDIT: Sorry, I had left out an important piece of information -- I convert to DNG while importing, and LR has a "Copy as DNG" option, but no "Move as DNG" option. I could do a "Move" followed by a conversion to DNG, but I find the Copy as DNG easier.Footnote: My Mac did corrupt its hard disc once, losing everything on it (full-disk encryption meant that I couldn't connect it to another Mac and copy the data out). But my SD card got corrupted once, as well, so I don't know whether my photos would be safer on the SD card or on the Mac. It's probably the same thing either way.Footnote 2: In an ideal world, the photos would just be marked as copied (or moved to the /.Trashes directory on the SD card), and the camera would automatically delete them to reclaim space as needed. This is like the Windows recycle bin. Unfortunately, I see that only on Windows, not on the Mac, to say nothing of my camera.

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