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Can I programatically manipulate Lightroom's "rejected" flag in images?

Can I use a tool like `exif2` or `exiftool` to programatically inspect and manipulate the flag used for "Rejected" in Lightroom? I can't find a field that seems to correspond to it. If not, is... more


How does Lightroom store data about photos?

I've seen numerous mentions of Lightroom's database, or catalog, and having to back it up. Being used to Bridge and Camera Raw, I'm accustomed to seeing sidecar .xmp files alongside my RAW files.... more


how to get shutter actuation count from image metadata android?

I am using metadata-extractor-2.5.0-RC3.jar to extract metadata from an image. It shows all the details except shutter count. It there any possibility to get all metadata from an image private... more


How do I determine focus points in Adobe Lightroom?

Not sure if this is possible or not in Adobe Lightroom. **I would like to see the focus points chosen by my Canon DSLR**. I am guessing this is stored somewhere in the EXIF, but I'm not certain. I... more


Batch adjusting the date (but not the time) of photos imported into Lightroom?

I purchased a new camera during my vacation, but I managed to take a whole night worth of photos with the incorrect date. I purchased the camera July 18th, but managed to set June 18th as the... more

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