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Capitalization Grammar


Should you capitalize "natives" if you are talking about Native Americans?

I know that both words Native American should be capitalized but if it is just "natives" in the sentence, should it be capitalized? for example, The natives farmed corn. or The Natives farmed corn.
Capitalization Punctuation


Which is grammatically correct as a sign?

Sevens Heaven, Seven's heaven, Seven's HeavenSeven refers to a wedding date


Capitalization in Spanish

When does words get capitalized in Spanish??
Capitalization Esl/esol Speech Dashes


Should the first word after a dash used as self-interruption be capitalized?

When writing dialogue, a dash can be used to denote interruption. For example: > “Hello, can I ask you about—” > “No.” If a character is interrupting themself, should the first word of the... more
Capitalization Writing Nouns


Should "Americana" be capitalized?

In the following sentence, should _Americana_ be capitalized? > Here's a list of great Americana books. It looks so weird when written lowercase.


Should "State" be capitalized on its own?


Capitalization: 'rivers'?

In the following sentence, is rivers capitalized or not? The Delaware and Potomac rivers are beautiful.


My English translator capitalizes every noun. Is it correct?

I'm developing an Android/iPhone application. My translator for English localization uses a lot of capitalization. For example, in the app menu, it suggests: |Export Data to Folder| |Prevent Screen... more
Capitalization German


Capitalization of German words in English sentences?

If I write an English text and use some German nouns in there do I have to write them capitalized or not? If I would have a whole sentence or quote in German I would probably use German grammar... more
Capitalization English Writing Numbers


Should I capitalise the first letter when a sentence starts with a number?

When starting a sentence with a number, should the first letter be capitalised?For example,> 96% **R**eal meat.or> 96% **r**eal meat.

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