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Capitalization in Spanish

When does words get capitalized in Spanish??
Capitalization Esl/esol Speech Dashes


Should the first word after a dash used as self-interruption be capitalized?

When writing dialogue, a dash can be used to denote interruption. For example: > “Hello, can I ask you about—” > “No.” If a character is interrupting themself, should the first word of the... more
Capitalization Writing Nouns


Should "Americana" be capitalized?

In the following sentence, should _Americana_ be capitalized? > Here's a list of great Americana books. It looks so weird when written lowercase.


Should "State" be capitalized on its own?


Capitalization: 'rivers'?

In the following sentence, is rivers capitalized or not? The Delaware and Potomac rivers are beautiful.


My English translator capitalizes every noun. Is it correct?

I'm developing an Android/iPhone application. My translator for English localization uses a lot of capitalization. For example, in the app menu, it suggests: |Export Data to Folder| |Prevent Screen... more
Capitalization German


Capitalization of German words in English sentences?

If I write an English text and use some German nouns in there do I have to write them capitalized or not? If I would have a whole sentence or quote in German I would probably use German grammar... more
Capitalization English Writing Numbers


Should I capitalise the first letter when a sentence starts with a number?

When starting a sentence with a number, should the first letter be capitalised?For example,> 96% **R**eal meat.or> 96% **r**eal meat.

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