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What do these two quotes mean?

"We're all standing on the edge of a cliff, all the time, every day, a cliff we're all going over. Our choice isn't about that. Our choice is about whether we want to go kicking and screaming or... more
Quotations Writing


The usage of "sic" in writing?

I have seen many articles that use quotes from players like: > We gonna [sic] be working hard over the summer cause we gotta [sic] get better. What is *sic*? Where does it come from?
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What can I do instead of [sic]?

Quotations Reading


How to pronounce [...]?

When reading aloud a quotation, where part is skipped and replaced by `[...]`, what should I say in place of the [...]?


How do you quote a quotation that itself has mismatched quotes?

Suppose that Eve said (in spoken English) > An apple a day keeps the doctor away, unquote. Also isn't Eve such a > great person? Like my mom always said quote Eve is the best person... more

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