Asked • 06/27/19

Why did people sound differently when addressing the public in the early 1900s?

I notice that people used to speak not necessarily more clearly, or distinctly, but their voice had a certain 'choppiness' to it that you don't hear anymore... Unless the person doing the speaking is doing it purposefully to sound old-timey. (Think of the narrator in the movie UP by pixar) Here is an example of the speech type I am talking about: President Eisenhower ~1964 Here, in a 1950s newsreel, the newsman is speaking this way It doesn't seem to be limited to just the United States either: Various Newsreels - 1950s Germany, England, USA 220857-04 I know that it can be attributed to 'times change', but I would just like to know why public speakers, and news anchors, etc have started using 'normal' sounding speech. It is somewhat of a shame this type of speech is slowly going away. The last place I currently hear speech of this type is during baseball games.

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