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Please make a story using 10 of the words below ASAP

authorize culprit dawdle dissect expend fatality gullible illicit immerse inflammatory memorandum pathetic persevere prevaricate quash relish reminisce scour tribute writhe


Jolanda started an art project at 9am and finished at 9:50am. The _____ for the project was 50 minutes. Vocab, whats the blank?

3rd grade math question. Vocabulary. Pearson topic 16 lesson 16-5


The United States is supposed to be a blank nation where church and state are separate

I need help on what the blank word is in the question. so can you give me the answer.  


Vijay the plumber put in an new bathroom for us. he charges 2200 pounds plus 17 and a half percent VAT. what was the total we paid?

I need to know how much we all paid and how much is 17 and 1/2 percent VAT. Is it add or times or is  all of the formulas.


To the ancient Athenians, Theseus was a paragon of a wise ruler.

Is this statement true or false? Thanks in advance!
Vocabulary English


The difference between theese words

What is the difference between theese four words On my way , in my way ,on the way and in the way


What does the word periodic mean?

Science and Vocab.


The differnce between these words

What is the difference between collaborate and cooperate    Thanks in advance    
Vocabulary English


In which sentence about "Life Without Gravity" is the word readapted used correctly?

In which sentence about "Life Without Gravity" is the word readapted used correctly?A) If you pour milk when in microgravity, the liquid becomes readapted and floats through the air.B)Despite the... more
Vocabulary Math


Which of the following compositions of transformations will always produce the same image, regardless of the order in which the transformations are performed?

A. translation and reflection B. reflection and rotation C. translation and rotation D. All compositions are affected by the order in which they are performed.


I need to write an essay, please help

I need to include these 10 vocabulary words and create a unique 1 page single spaced essay to include them in. I also need to be able to show enough detail to show the meaning of the word(s). Can... more


a. an attitudinal measure. b. a projective assessment. c. an achievement test. d. an aptitude test.

Jana is an action researcher who wants to better understand what predicts student success on the statewide standardized biology competency test. As her data sources, she administers the Biology... more


Who is He and what did happen?

"He was only once crossed, and that was towards the end, when my poor father was far gone in a decline that took him off."    Who is "he" in "he was only once crossed" and what does that line... more


meaning of "shaping up well"

what is the meaning of shaping up well  


what is an example of something that is muffled?

what is an example of something that is muffled?.


new business words added in dictionary after the year 2000 (21st century)

looking for 3 words  3 new BUSINESS related words which are added to the dictionary in 21st Century.     LIKE: Selfie, Hashtag (but they are informal looking for formal words)
Vocabulary Geometry Volume


the height is 3 and the radius is 6 by a factor of 1/3. by factoring do they mean by the scale is 1/3 or the original is 1/3

i was finding the cylinder's volume but i got stuck by  A. what is the volume of the original cylinder? b. what is the volume of the scale cylinder?

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