Asked • 04/03/19

How to say "to" as a linking word between verbs in Korean?

I've been learning both English and Korean, and as I know, we can use "to" to link two verbs in English. Ex: > Alex is lost. We must go to find her. > I would like to invite Kim professor to teach English In this sentence, "to" is the linking word between "go" and "find", "invite" and "teach", so it's easy for me to understand or write English sentences. But it's hard for me to understand and write Korean sentences, because I cannot find any linking word like "to" in Korean. I know some words that have a related purpose in Korean, like "기 위해서" or "도록", but I think they only can be used in some situations, not every situation like "to" in English. > Alex를 찾기 위해 가야 해요 or > 나는 김 교수님가 영어 수업을 가르쳐 주시도록 초대하고 싶습니다" seem strange. Can you help me find such a linking word (link two verbs) in Korean?

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Liam D. answered • 04/12/19

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