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What lighting setup is recommended for filming a presenter in front of a TV screen?

i will be filming a presenter in front of a 48" TV with graphics on it. The presenter will be pointing at the graphics at times to explain certain things.We will be doing this in a tiny studio on a... more


Why does Canon 600D/T3i video quality drop dramatically once it's recorded — in comparison to what I see in Live-View w/ Digital Zoom?

I have a low-light situation with a lot of small details and diagonal lines. When I look at the scene with digital zoom in Live View mode I see some grain but I see all the details and can clearly... more


How to get the Cinematic look?

With most movies, you can tell at a glance, if it is (or supposed to be) a blockbuster or not, by how the image looks.Even some American TV-series look better (in my oppinion) than most european... more

Color temperature?

If there is more than one light source, they should be the same temperature, right? If this isn't always the case, when should they be different?

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