Melissa G.

asked • 12/04/19

using quadratic equation

A firework is launched off a platform 5ft above the ground. The initial velocity of the rocket was 150 feet per second. A function was created to model rocket’s distance from the point it was launched to the point it hit the ground: y= -16x^2+150x+5

All x-values represent time in seconds and all y-values represent the distance traveled by the rocket in feet.

  1. What is the vertex of your graph? (Round to the nearest ones place)
  2. What was the maximum height of the rocket? (Round to the nearest ones place)
  3. Looking at the equation of the rocket’s path, is it factor able?
  4. Use your graph to estimate how long it took your rocket to hit the ground. (Round to the nearest tenths place)

1 Expert Answer


Maria A. answered • 12/04/19

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