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Estimation Probability


The data set below shows the amount of trash generated by ten households (in pounds per day). Assume that the population is normally distributed.

The data set below shows the amount of trash generated by ten households (in pounds per day). Assume that the population is normally distributed.... more


Estimate amount of money needed for a 15% tip

Here is the question: Suppose that you want to leave your server a 15% tip on the dinner bill. The total bill amounts to $24.19. Estimate the amount of money that you should leave for a 25% tip.... more


using quadratic equation

A firework is launched off a platform 5ft above the ground. The initial velocity of the rocket was 150 feet per second. A function was created to model rocket’s distance from the point it was... more


Why don't the relative positions of stars and other objects in a galaxy change over the year?

Though the identifiable stars in a constellation (say Andromeda) and a galaxy (say the Andromeda galaxy) are situated light years apart, why doesn't the galaxy appear at different positions with... more
Estimation Business Planning


How to estimate amount of work/man hours for an unfamiliar task?

Sooner or later we come across a task in our project, with which we are totally unfamiliar ('we' as in PM, but also possibly the staff assigned to do this particular task). How can we estimate... more


Estimating user stories at the start of the project so that the PM can determine a quote for the client?

Recently I have started to work on a team in a new project. Our company is attempting to run things in an Agile manner.The project team consists of 4 developers each from different teams and with... more


How can we mitigate uncertainty about project estimation in the initial phase?

According to *Boehm’s Software Engineering Economics*, during the project initiation, estimates can be off by as much as 400%.However, in order to make the sale, account managers are expected to... more

Small firm with 4 developers and 2 project managers in need of some guidance for project workflow?

I work as a developer in a small IT firm with 4 developers and 2 project managers.We currently implement some sort of traditional project management, in which the workflow for a given project is as... more


How should a team handle disagreements about story-point estimates in Scrum?

During estimation, the Product Owner presents a user story that seems clear to a team that usually knows their strengths and weaknesses, and that is not hostile. What should the Scrum Master do if... more


Why use iterations in Scrum?

I am a Scrum Master in a 7 person team. We currently use one-week iterations for our sprints.I find that sprint planning overhead is huge (2 hours each week for entire team), and not nearly as... more


c) 1000 is the answer but I need an explanation please :((

Jade buys a 500g bag of beads at a market.  Each bead has a mass of 0.48g.  Which of these is the best estimate for the number of beads in the 500g bag? a) 100 b) 250 c) 1000 d) 2500


A number of students were asked this question :

"How many cousins do you have?"    The lowest answer given was 6.  The highest answer given was 20. The total of all the answers given was 50.    What is the smallest number of students who... more
Estimation Substitution


a total of 60 hand weights some of the weights are 3 pounds and the rest are 5 pounds if there are 10 more 5 pound weights then 3 pound weight how many of each

it is the gym instructor and i need help solving this problem. i don't know how to find the equations 


Question below.

Chad is planning a party. he wants to serve pizza, chips, and soda. Chad discovers that he can purchase on pizza for $18.01, one bag of chips for $2.44, and one bottle of soda for $1.08 if chad... more


used 240 square yards for 16 people in their cast. to have between 26 and 36 people, about how many yards of fabric will they need

The theater department makes all of their own costumes for their plays. For their last play, they used 240 square yards of fabric to make costumes for 16 people in their cast. If their next cast is... more


76% of 180 estimate

estimate your answer  


Curt is installing a picket fence around his garden which is 45.45 ft by 14.63 ft.

When he gets to the hardware store he finds that each picket fence slat is two feet wide. If Curt does not want any spaces between each slat, use estimation to determine how many slats of fencing... more



The number of passengers on an airline rose fairly steadily from about 200000 in 2005 to about 350 000 in the year 2010. (a) How many years are there from 2005 to 2010 inclusive (b) What was the... more


A coffee shop uses 873 coffee cups every 7 days....

 (FULL QUESTION BELOW) A coffee shop uses 873 coffee cups every 7 days. Which is a reasonable estimate for the number of cups the coffee shop uses in 4 weeks?


real world math problem

A school district's property tax rate rises from 2.5% to 2.7% to cover a $300,000 budge deficit (shortage of money). What is the value of the property in the school district to the nearest dollar?... more


Meghan was trying to estimate 997,286 + 129,092. Her estimated sum was 300,000. What mistake did she make? What is the correct estimated sum?

What mistake did she make?  What is the correct estimated sum?


claire would like to save 674.72 in a year to purchase a new camera. she estimate she needs to save 40 per month,

Explain why her estimation is reasonable       Exactly how much money does she need to ssave each month so reach her goal rounded to the nearest hundredth



  Please help me guess how many paperclips are in this jar! Helpful measurements: The Jar: 6.5 litre capacity Length and width of 1 paperclip: 2 x 0.5 inches     If you could help thatd be... more

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