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Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Windows Windows


Windows software for custom shortcut keys?

I would like a software which allow me to create custom shortcut key like: - Shortcut to my Dropbox folder - Shortcut to open my text editor - Shortcut to write my usual password (bad idea I... more
Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Excel


How can I change the focus in Excel to the formula bar via the keyboard?

I like to avoid using my mouse as much as possible, but on occasions when I need to type directly into the formula bar I am currently forced to 'rattle the rodent'. Does anyone know a way to move... more
Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Word


Keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V and Ctrl-Z not working in Word 2010 on Windows 7?

It seems like the shortcuts I've been using for years in previous versions of Word are not working anymore. For example Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V and Ctrl-Z are not working (there is Alt-Backspace, etc) and I... more
Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Word Macos Office For Mac


Can I change keyboard shortcuts for Redo in MS Word for Mac?

All Mac applications use ⇧-Cmd-Z to redo the last undone action. All, that is, except Microsoft Office. Office prefers that you use Cmd-Y instead. ⇧-Cmd-Z is mapped to something else – worse, it's... more
Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Word


Format Painter in Microsoft Office?

I know I can google it quite easily but hey, I have never asked any question @ SU, so here is one. What is the shortcut key for Format Painter in Microsoft Office things e.g., Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word 2010: Assigning a KEYBOARD shortcut for deleting one line of text?

How can I assign a keyboard shortcut to delete just one line of text in Microsoft Office Word 2010? A macro based solution (in Visual Basic) which could be assigned to a custom keyboard shortcut... more
Keyboard Shortcuts Typing Microsoft Word


How do I convert lower case text to uppercase text in Microsoft Word?

I want to convert lower case text to uppercase text in Microsoft Word.
Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Word Macos Zoom


How can I quickly access the Microsoft Word zoom setting on a Mac?

I get a lot of Word documents to work on, and the first thing I always do is access the zoom setting (View-> Zoom) and change the zoom to "Page Width". There's no keyboard shortcut for the zoom... more
Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Word


Headings shortcut in Word?

I use headings a lot in my document and I like to use the navigation pane to quickly look through them. The "issue" is that the only way I know how to open the navigation pane is to hit CTRL+F and... more
Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Word


Pressing tab to indent a list moves to the next table cell?

I have a list (e.g., a bulleted list) in Microsoft Word. This list is inside a table cell.When I press <kbd>Tab</kbd> toincrease the indent, rather than increasing the indent, it moves... more
Keyboard Shortcuts Microsoft Word


Is there a keyboard shortcut in Word for typing an arrow (symbol)?

You often see people using `->` as an arrow, but I hate how it looks. I always use the `→` symbol. However, I always have to `insert < symbol` to use this, which is annoying.Is there anyway... more
Keyboard Shortcuts Windows Adobe Lightroom


Is there a keyboard shortcut in the Windows version Adobe Lightroom for "Edit Metadata"?

I'd like to be able to click the first picture, , type keywords, arrow key to next photo... rinse repeat.However, I can't surmise the keyboard shortcut for 'edit metadata'.
Keyboard Shortcuts Adobe Lightroom Software Lightroom


What keyboard shortcut could I use to step through presets in Lightroom?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to step through presets in Lightroom?I have development presets grouped in folders, for example one of them is B&W.I often find myself stepping through a number of... more

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