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Quadratic Regression Algebra Quadratics


Basketball Problem

A basketball player shoots a ball toward the basket. Use the given ordered pairs to complete the problem, where t represents time and h(t)represents the height of the... more


What is this formula for in the mathematic point of view?

I have derived a formula and I wonder what formula is similar to this one in a mathematical point of view?   F = (X2 - Y2)/ (X - Y )2   Is there any formula that looks like this one and is used... more
Quadratic Regression


Need Help with quadratic regression

Explain the real-world meaning of the parameters a, b, and c of the quadratic function model.Based on data from 1990 to 2003, the amount of money spent on prescription drugs (per capita) can be... more
Quadratic Regression


How do I find the speed in miles per hour when the stopping distance is 300 feet and the function is f(x)=.125x^2+2.3x+26.875

We are working with quadratic regressions.  I found the function, but I can't figure out the speed when the stopping distance is 300 feet.  I believe the answer is 38.5, or when rounded 39 mph.
Quadratic Regression


quadratic regression

the following points form a quadratic relationship:  (1, 5.0) (2, 4.4)  (3, 4.3)  (4, 4.2)  (5, 4.6)  (6, 4.8)  (7, 5.4)  (8, 6.2).  The x coordinates are years a company has been in operation and... more

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