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If A intersection B' is null set prove that A is subset of B

About sets identities and proof of sets


2^m-2^n=56 where m,n value s in set


How to rewrite, having trouble.

How to rewrite set G using elements G= y|y is an integer and 3≤Y<5


what is the subset of (1,3,5,7,and,9)


find n-combinations of the multi set

Given a multi set S = {n*a, n*b, 1, 2, 3, ... , n+1} with a size of 3n+1. Find the number of n-combinations of the set S.I assume that we are choosing n-combinations from 1,2,3 .... n+1, then we... more


Algebra and sets math problem

Suppose A = {x |x ≤ −2, x ≥ 3} and B = {x | −1 ≤ x < 5}. Which statement is true? A.-A ∪ B is all real numbers B.-A ∩ B = ∅ C.-A' = {x | −2 ≤ x ≤ 3} D.-B ⊆ {x | x ≤ 5} NEED ANSWER QUICK


Proper and improper subsets

Phi is a proper or improper subset


How to Make a Venn Diagram for the Following Set Notations?

(a) Complete the Venn Diagram to show the sets A, B, and C :   1. C ⊂ A 2. B ∩ C = ∅ 3. n( A ∩ B ) = 3 4. n( B ∪ C ) = 19 5. n(B) = 15 6. n( A ∪  B ) = 23   (b) Hence, state n( A ∩ B' ∩ C'... more


Why is this an empty set???

x ∈ R2 : x= t [1, 1] for all t ∈ R . To me this reads like: x is a vector in R2 such that x= t[1,1] for all t in R. So no matter the t I choose (say 1) the resultant vector ( in this case [1,1]) is... more


give the following sets, find the set A' n (B U C')

U={1,2,3,...,8} A={1,2,3,4} B={1,2,3} C={1,2,4,6,7}  


What are two different signs for sets ?

What are two different kinds of sets 


Sets of whole numbers greater than 8

Indicate the the following set by the listing method.  Whole numbers greater than 8  


A and B are disjoint sets and n(A)=6, number of elements in the union of the power sets of A and B is 71 find n(a union b)

N(a) represents the no. Of elements in set a 


n(A intersection B) =0. I want to ask what the n here means

and if we’re given with a statement of union or intersection with this n then how do we find the conditio? Thank you  


Question from chapter sets please answer it

In a group of 34 children each one play cricket or hockey or both of 16 can play criçket and 12 can play cricket only find how many play hockey only


Is family members is an example of set

Define set


Write Y in roster form if

Y = {x:x is a positive factor of the number 2ª ¯¹ (2ª-1),where 2ª-1 is a prime number}.  "Y is equal to the set of all  x such that x is a positive factor of the number 2 raise to the power (a-1)... more


If A and B are subsets of the universal set U , then show that

A⊂B⇔A∪B=B , without the use of Venn-Euler diagram.


Prove the following identity for two sets A and B with a Venn-Euler diagram:



a subset of A is proper, or strict, if it is differs from A, which of the following hold a non-empty set A

a subset of A is proper, or strict, if it is differs from Awhich of the following hold a non-empty set Aa) {subsets of A} < {proper subsets of A}b) {subsets of A} <= {proper subsets of A}c)... more


If n(A)=n, then what is the number of the non empty subsets of A.

 What is the number of the non empty subsets of A, If n(A)=n?


Sets involving fractions

A number of tourists were interviewed on their choice of means of travel. 2 thirds said that they traveled by road, 13/30 by air and 4/15 by both air and road. How many tourists were... more
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