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Let the universal set U be the following set of 16 countries:  U = {Angola, Benin, Chad, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mali,           Namibia, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda,... more


How to rewrite, having trouble.

How to rewrite set G using elements G= y|y is an integer and 3≤Y<5


what is the subset of (1,3,5,7,and,9)


Algebra and sets math problem

Suppose A = {x |x ≤ −2, x ≥ 3} and B = {x | −1 ≤ x < 5}. Which statement is true? A.-A ∪ B is all real numbers B.-A ∩ B = ∅ C.-A' = {x | −2 ≤ x ≤ 3} D.-B ⊆ {x | x ≤ 5} NEED ANSWER QUICK


What are two different signs for sets ?

What are two different kinds of sets 


Sets of whole numbers greater than 8

Indicate the the following set by the listing method.  Whole numbers greater than 8  


A and B are disjoint sets and n(A)=6, number of elements in the union of the power sets of A and B is 71 find n(a union b)

N(a) represents the no. Of elements in set a 


n(A intersection B) =0. I want to ask what the n here means

and if we’re given with a statement of union or intersection with this n then how do we find the conditio? Thank you  


Question from chapter sets please answer it

In a group of 34 children each one play cricket or hockey or both of 16 can play criçket and 12 can play cricket only find how many play hockey only


Is family members is an example of set

Define set


If A and B are subsets of the universal set U , then show that

A⊂B⇔A∪B=B , without the use of Venn-Euler diagram.


If n(A)=n, then what is the number of the non empty subsets of A.

 What is the number of the non empty subsets of A, If n(A)=n?


How do I prove that a set of closed sets is itself closed.

Hi, I have been asked the following but am struggling.   Let {Ωa : a ∈ I} be an arbitrary family of closed sets Ωa ⊆ Rd with an index set I. Prove that   ∩     Ωa a ∈ I   is a closed... more


Prove that for any two sets A and B,,A'-B'=B-A

I want the solution of this question


Sets question

In a class of 60 students, 40 students like math, 36 like sciences, 24 like both the subjects. Find the students who like a) either math or science b) neither math nor science


Problems regarding sets

In a survey of 100 students playing various games were found as follows:cricket only 18;cricket but not football23;cricket and badminton 8;cricket 26;badminton48;badminton and football 8 and no... more


A question on convex sets

The definition I’ve been given of convex inequalities is the following:A set A ⊂ Rn is convex if:• For any vectors a, b ∈ A• For any λ ∈ [0,1]• The point λa + (1 - λ)b ∈ AI don’t know what the λ... more


A committee with 7 senators on is divided into how many sub committees containing three?

A committee of seven senators are divided into sub committees containing three. How many sub committees are there?


3 set problem

a supermarket compiled the following information regarding 30 of its employees. 8 worked in the produce department, 9 stacked food on shelves, 18 operated the cash register, 4 worked in the produce... more


Set Theory/Math Logic

Is there any way to prove that   - Every point in A intersect B is greater than or equal to 1?   - The intersection of two sets has a point in commonwith another set?   If there is no way to... more


Easy but I don't understand! Sets, Venn diagrams

In the figure ξ is the set of all students in Secondary One. (The figure shows a Venn diagram with two overlapping circles. There is only 1 intersection, labeled y. The left circle is represents G... more
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