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Proofs Math


How to prove this statement?

Assume you have functions T and S such that T(n) =O(S(n)). For the following statement, decide whether you think it is True or False. If you think the answer is True, prove it, otherwise, provide a... more


How would I answer this proof on 5 lines?

prove that Q is the mid point of PR is PQ is equal to 17, QR is equal to 17, and Q is between P and R

Give a recursive definition of a language L_bad that does not contain either three 0s or three 1s in a row.

This assumes that ∑ = {0,1}For example,101101 ∈ Lbad011110∉ Lbad
Proofs Geometry


Given: ab is congruent to db and eb is congruent to db. Prove angle D is congruent to angle A using a formal proof

Formal Proof that I need help with please answer quick I have a due date of today and cannot fail this please help whoever is out there
Proofs Trigonometry


Prove that sin(2α) + sin(2θ) + sin(2pi- 2α-2θ)= 4sin(α)sin(θ)sin(pi-α-θ)

This was a question from my homework that I can't do at all!
Proofs Math Geometry


Open ended, Math help Please!?

 below is an isosceles trapezoid. Diagonals and  intersect at point and _____ _____ _____ _____

Why is (a | b ) equivalent to a - (a & b) + b?

I was looking for a way to do a BITOR() with an Oracle database and came across a suggestion to just use BITAND() instead, replacing BITOR(a,b) with a + b - BITAND(a,b).I tested it by hand a few... more
Proofs Math Philosophy


Intro to Logic- Use Natural Deduction to prove Dist E

Hi everyone, Can someone please help me. I have to use natural deduction to prove Dist E for both 'or' and 'and'These are the two questions: 1: Dist E-Ex(Px v Qx) premiseConclusion: ExPx v ExQx2:... more


mathematical proof

Claim: If a(sub)n converges to A then (c+a(sub)n) converges to c+A
Proofs Philosophy Logic


Is there a way to understand material implication without truth-tables?

I understand how, given the truth-functional definition of the conditional, any sentence of the formIf P then Q is truth-functionally equivalent to Either not-P or QOr, to put it symbolically:  P →... more
Proofs Geometry


Given: Segment AC is congruent to segment AD, segment CB is congruent to segment DB. Prove: Segment AB bisects angle CAD

The triangle looks like this but it's not the question
Proofs Geometry


Fill in the blanks in the proofs ASAP!!

We are given that diagonals AC congruent to BD It can be stated that   because they are opposite sides of a parallelogram. By the Reflexive Property of Congruence, . Thus, ____1_____ by... more
Proofs Math


Two column proof

Given: ∆SVX ≈ ∆ UTX and line SV || line TUProof: VUTS is a parallelogramStatemente | Reason 1. ∆SVX ≈ ∆UTX | 5. Given 2. ____________ | 6. Given 3. ____________ | 7.... more
Proofs Geometry



can someone please help!!!idk what it means..


Consider the function f(x) = x2 + 3x for x ∈ ℝ and 0 < x < 4. Prove that limx→2 f(x) = 10.

Consider the function f(x) = x2 + 3x for x ∈ ℝ and 0 < x < 4. Prove that limx→2 f(x) = 10.
Proofs Math Geometry


how do you prove a parallelogram with given and proof statements

given and proof statements-given: <1 and <2 are supplementary; <2 and <3 are supplementary prove: PQRS is a parallelogram therom: same-side interior angles


Proof by the contradiction method

Proof by the contradiction method that there are no positive integer solutions to the Diophantine equation x^2-y^2=10
Proofs Math Geometry


geometry proofs

Given: <DCA is congruent to <BCA, <B is congruent to <DProve: segment AB is congruent to segment AD


Help with Proofs

Is there a specific way or order I can follow when needing to write a proof? Here’s my problem: I don’t know where to start with them. For example, if I knew the answer to a proof, I understand why... more
Proofs Math Geometry


Find the statements and Reasons to this proof

Premises:≈P→(Q→≈W)≈S→Q≈TP→TW→SConclusion:W→SI don't really understand how to do this and I have a test coming up so any help would be greatly appreciated.


What is the value of x? Justify each step. (Proofs)

What is the value of X? Justify each step.AC=32(there is an image of a line segment- AB=2x and BC=6x+8)(please explain why you put each step with as much detail as you can provide)AB+BC=AC.... more

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