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Geometry Proofs


Proof question in geometry

In the figure, segment CF is the angle bisector of angle ACE and angle AFE, prove that segment CF bisects segment AC.PLEASE help!Unfortunately,I can not input the picture, there is no feature for... more
Geometry Proofs Angle Proofs


If angle one and angle two form a linear pair, and angle two and angle three are supplementary, prove angle one and angle three are congruent

lines are two in a somewhat horizontal parrallel that intersect a vertical angle one is acute and angle two is obtuse
Geometry Proofs


how to mathematically prove that a cube consists of 11 nets?

My math teacher and numerous online websites state that a cube has 11 nets. But none of them give a mathematical proof as to why that is. I believe this statement is not important enough for people... more
Geometry Proofs Geometry Math Help


Given: AB is congruent to AC, CB is congruent to CD Prove: AB times DB = (CB)^2

ABC is a large triangle. BCD is inside that triangle. Point D is between A and B.
Geometry Proofs


Write a paragraph to prove that the measure of angle 3 is equal to the measure of angle 5.

I don't understand and f i don't answer it ill fail the quiz! Please help, ill do anythiiinnggg!!!!
Geometry Proofs Geometry


Write a complete proof for the following.

PICTURE: https://pasteboard.co/GWgMblg.png Given: EC // AB in △ABD Prove: ∠AEC > ∠B


please help i do not know what to do

Write a complete two-column proof for following information:Given: Segment AB = x + 16, Segment BC = 4x + 11 Segment AC = 77Prove: AB = 26
Geometry Proofs


Angle 1 and angle 2 are a linear pair; angle 1 and 3 are vertical angles. Prove angle 2 and angle 3 are a linear pair

I need a answer as soon as possible. Please solve in six steps
Geometry Proofs


Geometry Challenge

<B is a comp. of <A.<C is a supp. of <B. <D is a supp. of <C. <E is a comp. of <D. <F is a comp. of <E. <G is a supp. of <F.   Then <G=_?__
Geometry Proofs


what is the reason of line AO congruent to line CO

Line AO congruent to line CO . what is the reason ?
Geometry Proofs


Given: parallelogram ABCD. Prove: <A=<C and <B=<D

Need help on solving this geometry proof! i am stumped on this question and need help solving it
Geometry Proofs


I have to add two proportions

I was told to add a2=cd and b2=ce what is the sum?
Geometry Proofs


How to prove if a triangle is isosceles.

If you have an isosceles triangle DAE inside another triangle CAB and CD is congruent to EB how do you prove that triangle CAB is isosceles?


For Proofs, how do you notice the different properties of equality?

I know that vertical angles are always congruent, but I dont know when to write something for two congruent triangles that are not with vertical angles.
Geometry Proofs Proofs Coordinate Proof


Write a plan to prove that the midpoins of the sides of a rhombus determine a rectangle using coordinate geometry.

Full Question: The coordinates for a rhombus are given (2a, 0), (0, 2b), (-2a, 0), (0,-2b). Write a plan to prove that the midpoints of the sides of a rhombus determine a rectangle using... more
Geometry Proofs Geometry


I do not understand how to do flow/two column/paragraph proofs in geometry.

For example, we are expected to prove that two lines or angles are congruent by postulates. We are also supposed to write a congruence statement AND the parts that make it congruent (3 minimum).... more
Geometry Proofs


I thought that isoceles triangles only have 2 congruent sides, and not any more?

i am learning geometry. i was watching a video and for a proof, they said that isoceles triangles have at least 2 congruent sides
Geometry Proofs Parallelograms


I need help writing geometric proofs and I don't know how.

All the proofs are either you're trying to prove the figure is a parallelogram or that you're trying to prove the angles are congruent or something else. I don't really understand it and I can't... more
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Given: line WXY, m<WXZ = 135°. Prove: m<ZXY = 45°

Statements line WXY m<WXY = 180° m<WXZ = 135° m<WXY = m<WXZ + m<ZXY 180° = 135° + m<ZXY 45° = m<ZXY m<ZXY = 45°   Reasons  Given Defintion of supplementary... more
Geometry Proofs Proofs Geometric Proofs Proof


Prove using a paragraph proof.

Statements:  9 = 4x - 3(x - 2)  9 = 4x - 3x + 6  9 = x + 6  3 = x  x = 3   Reasons: Given          Proofs : Fill in the reasons (4) for the statements provided
Geometry Proofs Proofs Geometric Proofs Proof


Given: m ⊥ l, n ⊥ l. Prove m || n

Statements: m ⊥ l, n ⊥ l <1 is a right angle <2 is a right angle <1 =~ <2 m || n    Reasons: Given           Proofs : Fill in the reasons (4) for the statements... more
Geometry Proofs


Given : AB = 8 , AC = 12 , Prove: BC = 4. Give me the statement and reasons.

Geometric Proofs
Geometry Proofs


AB + AB = AC

Geometry Proofs


Given line segment BA is perpendicular to line segment BC then <1 and <2 are complementary prove

If two sides are adjacent acute angles are perpendicular, then the angles are complementary... Given line segment BA is perpendicular to line segment BC then <1 and <2 are complementary prove

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