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Two Column proofs


Given: 5x+4y=5. Prove: y=5/12

Given:5x+4y=5 Prove:y=5/12
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Given: line WXY, m<WXZ = 135°. Prove: m<ZXY = 45°

Statements line WXY m<WXY = 180° m<WXZ = 135° m<WXY = m<WXZ + m<ZXY 180° = 135° + m<ZXY 45° = m<ZXY m<ZXY = 45°   Reasons  Given Defintion of supplementary... more
Two Column proofs Proofs Geometric Proofs Proof


Given: m ⊥ l, n ⊥ l. Prove m || n

Statements: m ⊥ l, n ⊥ l <1 is a right angle <2 is a right angle <1 =~ <2 m || n    Reasons: Given           Proofs : Fill in the reasons (4) for the statements... more
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Two-colmn Proof - Geometry - Please Help ASAP

This is supposed to be a two column proof. It has statements on one side and reasons on the other.   Given:Triangle ABC with angle C is right angle Prove:Angle A and angle B are... more
Two Column proofs Geometry Proof


Geometry Problem: Proof Using Two Columns (PLEASE HELP ASAP)

Can you help me create a two column proof using the problem with reasons: -2(3x -4) - 5 = 3x + 12
Two Column proofs Proofs


how to prove a congruent angle

givens: <1=x+7 <2=2x-3 <ABC=x*2 <D=5x-4 show that <ABC is congruent to <D
Two Column proofs


quadrilateral circumscribed around a circle

Given: Quadrilateral WXYZ with lines XY, YZ, ZW, and XW tangent to circle K. WXYZ is a trapeziod.   To Prove: XY + WZ = XW + YZ
Two Column proofs


answer for two-column proof

Given: Two concentric circles with center O and line ABCD intersecting both. Lines BC and AD are chords of circle O.   To Prove: Line AB is congruent to line CD.
Two Column proofs Proofs Triangles


how to write a two column proof, proving corollary 4.4

learning about two column proofs and triangles

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