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How can I prove this mathmatical induction?

∑j=1n 2j = 2(2n-1)


Why can't programs be proven?

Why can't a computer program be proven just as a mathematical statement can? A mathematical proof is built up on other proofs, which are built up from yet more proofs and on down to axioms - those... more


Need math help, please! Proof

Given: Quadrilateral has diagonal  which splits the quadrilateral into two congruent isosceles triangles.Prove:  is a rhombus.


I need help finding out how to solve this proof


Can you prove anything in philosophy?

I don't understand philosophy very well, and so I am wondering whether you can "prove" anything in philosophy. It always seems you can go a layer down, and find another question, almost endlessly... more


Does a negative claimant have a burden of proof?

I have often heard it said that the burden of proof is on the positive claimant but not on the one making a negative claim. A person claiming, "God exists" has a burden of proof but not a person... more


Trigonometry Identity II

Please fully complete this identity, step-by-step with as much detail as necessary!(Note: 'θ' (theta) just means angle. It can be replaced with 'x'.)(1 ÷ cos θ + 1) - (1 ÷ cos θ - 1) = (2 ÷ sin2 θ)


Trigonometry Identity

Please fully complete this identity, step-by-step with as much detail as necessary! (Note: 'θ' (theta) just means angle. It can be replaced with 'x'.)Prove that (cos θ - tan θ)2 - 2 ≡ tan2 θ - (1 +... more


URGENT If m<2+m<3+m<4=180* then prove that m<1=m<3+m<4

A m<2 + m<3 + m<4 = 180*B m<1 + m<2 =180*C m<1 + m<2 = m<2 + m<3 + m<4D m<1 + m<2 - m<2 = m<2 +m<3 + m<4 - m<2E m<1 = m<3 + m<4


Let G be a group and a∈G. Prove that <a>C(a) ≤ G where <a>C(a) = {bc|b∈<a>, c∈C(a)}?

Need to prove that <a>C(a) ≤ G where <a>C(a) = {bc|b∈<a>, c∈C(a)}



prove      Cos x       cot x _____ -  ______   = cos 2 x  _  cot 2 x    sec x       tan x.      


Can I use proof where I assume the statement to be true and then arrive at a known fact.

Prove x/y + y/x ≥ 2. Now the book gives (x-y)2 ≥0 and from there derived the above, hence proving it. I understand that, because you start at a known fact and end up at the thing you are trying to... more


Triangle Angle Bisector Proof

Given: Triangle ABD is an equilateral triangle and E is the midpoint of segment AD.   Prove: Segment EB bisects angle DBA.   Prove: Segment EB is perpendicular to Segment AD Please also... more


Triangle Congruence Proof

Prove: Triangle ABF is congruent to Triangle EHG   Given: angle H = angle B and segments FG = EA, angles HEG and FAB are right angles, 


Simplify using logic of laws, Question "~(~b∧a)∧(b∨a) "

~ mean not ^ mean and ∨ mean or   Help me pls


Prove by Induction question, 2+6+18+...+ 2.3^n-1 = (3^n)-1

Can anyone help me solving this problem, Im really really lost. Thank you


Contradiction prove question, "Prove by contradiction that the difference between any odd integer and any even integer is odd"

How to do this, please help me. Thank you very much!


Direct proof question, "The product of an even integer and an odd integer is even".

I didnt understand  Let say X = 2a +1 while y = 2b+1   Why you need to multiply xy rather x+y, as you can see below: XY = (2a+1)(2y+1) <- correct X+Y = 2a+1+2y+1 <- Incorrect   Can you... more


How do I solve for this 8PC=PQ

A is the midpoint of PQ, B is the midpoint of PA, and C is the midpoint of PB


proof that x+y=2xy

Proof for the equation that x+y=2xy  using whatever method.


Let a and b be positive rational numbers. Prove that if √a+√b is rational, so is √a

I do  know how to solve this problem. Can you show the steps in solving it. What do i substitute for a and b


Prove that if n is any integer. Then either 3 |n or 3| ((n^2)-1)

Case proof


How do I prove that ax+by+cx=dx+ey?

x,y,z ∈ ℝ3   and  x+y+3z=0   How do I prove ax+by+cz=dx+ey, if d and e are real numbers chosen to fit the equation? Thank you very much if you can help me! 


How to solve a prrof

Given: Segment AB is parallel to segment CD Prove: Arc of mAC = arc of mBD Please help!


Quadrilateral ARMY with A(p,q) R(0,0) M(r,0) and Y(p+r, q). Prove: ARMY is a parallelogram

It can't be in a graph and has to be in the statement-reason format. I'll need the equations used as well
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