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What is the most probable next number in the sequence?

What is the most probable next number in the sequence?2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21,3 4, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610,...
Advance Math Math Geometry


how many square feet of shingles need to be replaced?

A church steeple in the shape of a regular square pyramid needs to be reshingled. The part to be covered corresponds to the lateral area of the square pyramid. If each lateral edge measures 25 ft... more
Advance Math Calculus


Find the mass of a disk with radius R, thickness H, and density 𝜌(𝑟, 𝜃, 𝑧) = (z/r) cos 𝜃/4.

need help with homework please


Look at the Following 2 Problem needs Help

If u > v and t > 0, which of the following are true?   a. ut>vt b. u+t>v+t c. u-t>v-t   which of the following is the greatest?   a. 2/3 b.7/9 c.10/15 d.8/11
Advance Math Algebra Fraction Problems


Fraction Help 2 Problems

if a/b = 3/2, then 8a equals which of the following?   a. 16b b. 12b c. 3b/2 d. 8/3b   20% of 3 yards is how many fifths of 9 feet?   a. 1 b. 6 c. 10 d. 15

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