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First solve the equation. Then, use that information to write the paragraph proof below. - Explain & Show Work

If a = 4, b = 3, solve for x. First solve the equation. Then, use that information to write the paragraph proof below.    9 = ax - b(x-2)    


All Mixed Up: The proofs below are all mixed up. Rearrange either the statements or the reasons so the proofs make sense. - Explain & Show Work

Statementsa. PQ = RSb. QR = QRc. PQ + QR  = RS + QRd. PR = PQ + QR QS = QR + RSe. PR = QS Reasons a. Reflexive Property of Equalityb. Substitution Property of Equalityc. Givend. Addition Property... more


All Mixed Up: The proofs below are all mixed up. Rearrange either the statements or the reasons so the proofs make sense. - Explain & Show Work

Statements a. 2x+5 = (1/2x)  + 8 b. 2(2x+5_ = 2(1/2x + 8) c. 4x+10 = x + 16 d. 3x + 10 = 16 e. 3x = 6 f. x = 2   Reasons   a. Distribitive property b. Subtraction Property of... more
Proofs Geometry Proof


I need help with this proof!

Given: B is the midpoint of AC and DL    Prove: Triangle ADB and Triangle CLB are congruent
Proofs Geometry


I need help solving this Geometry Proof!

Given: AD = CDDB bisects ACProve: Triangle ADB = Triangle CDB


Given: AG bisects CD, IJ bisects CE and BH bisects ED Prove: KE ? FD

I dont understand this and im currently dying


Two-colmn Proof - Geometry - Please Help ASAP

This is supposed to be a two column proof. It has statements on one side and reasons on the other.   Given:Triangle ABC with angle C is right angle Prove:Angle A and angle B are... more


Proof by induction

1 × 3 + 3 × 5 + 5 × 7 + . . . + (2n − 1)(2n + 1) = n(4n2 + 6n − 1)/3.      


proof by induction

Use the method of proof by induction to show that (1+x+x2 +. . .+xn-1)(1−x) = (1−xn), for all positive integers n
Proofs Maths


Maths Proof

Show that the product of the first n even positive integers is 2^n(n!)   Apparently you can show this on one single line (which is required)


10 Very challenging proof: Prove that for every natural number n, cos(nx) can be expressed as a polynomial in cos(x) of degree n

Pleas helm me with this. Its a practice problem, and I do not know how to do it. Thanks!


Let A be a 3x3 matrix...Can't figure out proof for my linear algebra homework

      (a11 a12 a13) A= (a21  a22 a23)      (a31  a32  a33) and let C1 C2 C3 be the first, second, and third column respectively (counting from the left) of A.                  [x1] A. Let X=... more

Prove Statement using the First Principle of Mathematical Induction

Prove the following statements using the First Principle of Mathematical Induction:(a) If r ≠ 1, then1 + r + r2 + ... + rn = (1 − rn+1)/(1-r) for all n ∈ N. Why does the formula not work when r =... more


please help me sap with this calculus proof with differentiation

performing any differentiation with a calculator that can determine gradient functions, show that for an isosceles triangle of fixed perimeter to have a maximum are the triangle needs to be... more
Proofs Math Precalculus


Please prove that cot A + cot B + cot C = (a^2 + b^2 + c^2)/(4(area of triangle ABC)).

I need help with this proof. Please help me. 
Proofs Math Calculus


Prove: (secx+tanx)^3(secx-tanx)^4=1-sinx/cosx

Prove: (secx+tanx)^3(secx-tanx)^4=1-sinx/cosx   Please show the steps and prove this by making both sides equivalent to each other.  Also, please include which identities follow with each step! :)
Proofs Math Calculus


Prove : coth^2 - 1 = csch^2x

Prove : coth2 (x) - 1 = csc2 (x)   cosh2                           1 ____    -   1    =   ________   sinh2                         sinh2     Then I substituted in the definitions of sinh... more



help me on proofs 


two column angle proofs

GIVEN-Angle 1and angle 2 form a linear pair Measurement of angle 2 + measurement of angle 3 + measurement of angle 4 = 180   PROVE-measurement of angle 1 = measurement of angle 3 + measurement... more
Proofs Math Geometry


Geometry Proof Help

I need someone to check my work please. --- Complete the proof by filling in the missing reasons. Given: CB is perpendicular to BD, DE is perpendicular to EC, CB = DE Prove: Triangle DBC =... more

what does the angles of a reactagle equal when split up into for trianglular regions

If angle EDC is 32° and E is the midpoint of all the sides what is the measures of all other angles.   Thank you!


Can you solve my proof

Given: segment DE is parallel to segment BC H is the midpoint of segment DF and segment AB I is the midpoint of segment AF   Prove: triangle ABC is congruent to triangle DFE
Proofs Math Proofs


How to prove that there is no r in the rationals such that r^2 = 6

 Can someone help me write a full proof for this

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