Asked • 03/14/19

Why do British people pronounce “Ibiza” as “Ibitha”?

My brief overseas experience in Great Britain has taught me that British people tend to pronounce *Ibiza* as *Ibitha*. My questions are as follows: 1. Why is this the case? 2. How did this develop? 3. What are the circumstances that determine if a *z* is pronounced like a *z* or a *th*?

Geremi S.

In fact original name is Eivissa in Balearic Catalan languatge, so similar how people pronunce it in english. But mainly population in the islands is nowaday tourist and peninsula spaniard that don’t speak a word of catalan. So most popular pronunciation is in english and castillian spanish with ‘z’


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Elijah B. answered • 03/14/19

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