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N or AND in pronunciation?

Can I say I like apples n pears?
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What is it called when some pronounces their “t” sharply?

What is it called when people pronounce their "t" sounds so sharply that it sounds like the sound "eh" comes after the "t" sound? So the "t" sound sounds like "teh" with a big emphasis on the "eh"... more
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Is it technically incorrect to speak English using speech sounds of native language(which is not English)?

Consonants "t" and "p" are not unvoiced in my native language, which is Hindi. So I pronounce "Paint" with voiced "p" and "t", is it technically correct? It is acceptable, I know. But is it correct?
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How do you pronounce words with the letter d?

I'm foreign and this causes me a lot of trouble. Sometimes the 'd' is pronounced normally [d], for example - done, but sometimes it's pronounced as [dʒ], for example - dream. How should I pronounce... more
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How to read mixed fractions?

Is it correct to read mixed fraction 35 466/635 as ' thirty five and four hundred sixty six over six hundred thirty five'?I know we can read it as thirty five and four hundred sixty six six hundred... more


What is the difference in pronunciation of "Nichts" and "Nics"?

Often I hear different pronunciations for the word > NichtsSome people pronounce it as > Nics(Well, it sounds like "Nics".)Does it make any difference? Is this a different dialect? Is it good... more
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Linking or connected speech in reading English?

I tried to read novel and could read every word correctly. But one thing that hindered me was the "connected speech or linking in English". I listened to the audio version of the book but as I... more


Vowel shift in Michigan accent?

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Michigan because my grandparents live there. By today’s standards, they have very heavy accents, with full Canadian raising and the northern cities vowel shift.... more
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“kinda”, “sorta”, “coulda”, “shoulda”, “lotta”, “oughta”, “betcha”, "tseasy" etc. What are these?

In linguistics, is there a term describing this phenomenon, i.e., when the syllables of two words are slurred together in the spoken language? **They are not contractions.** While contractions are... more
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Letter combination ea?

The alphabet letter combination *ea* makes 6 sounds: bread [br**e**d], teacher ['t**iː**ʧə], break [br**eɪ**k], idea [aɪ'd**ɪə**], pageant ['pæʤ**ə**nt], bearable ['b**eə**rəbl]. I know that that... more
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Different pronunciations of "-ead"/"-ed"/"-aid" words?

I find that American/British English dialects tend to pronounce words like "*bed*", "*red*", "*dead*", "*bred*", "*said*", etc. with the exact same vowel sound: the IPA **ɛ** vowel (- and so this... more
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How do I make the velar nasal /ŋ/ sound?

Can someone please explain how to pronounce the velar nasal sound (/ŋ/, as in English "ng", but that's why I'm asking). To restate the question: How do I pronounce /ŋ/? (Note: *This isn't a... more


Why is the "J" in San Jacinto pronounced like an English "J" instead of an "H" in Texas?

Many Spanish words taken into English have a "J" sounding like "H", but San Jacinto follows a different rule: - San Jose - La Jolla - San Juan - Jimenez Why is San Jacinto not pronounced... more
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How should the first "o" in "operator" be pronounced?

I've always been taught that a vowel before a double consonant following another vowel should have a short sound. Conversely, there are many situations where a vowel preceding a single consonant... more
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Should I use contracted forms in scientific presentations?

In a scientific paper am I right in believing that one would write “it is” instead of “it’s”? In a scientific presentation, would one use contracted forms like “it’s” instead of “it is” or is... more
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Should we pronounce "T" in Won't?

I have noticed that some native English speakers do not pronounce the "T" in "won't" in the middle of a sentence. For example: > I won't make you happy sounds like: > I wo make you... more
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How to correct/improve 's-' pronunciation at the beginning of a sentence?

As a native Spanish speaker, I tend to mispronounce some letters or words in English. One of them is the 's' sound at the beginning of a word, for example, I pronounce: - 'slang' as /eslaŋ/... more


Why do British people pronounce “Ibiza” as “Ibitha”?

My brief overseas experience in Great Britain has taught me that British people tend to pronounce *Ibiza* as *Ibitha*. My questions are as follows: 1. Why is this the case? 2. How did this... more
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How to read ... (dot dot dot)?

For example here the sentence is,"Consider any sequence of data points x0, x1, x2,... in R"It messes up my mind when I can't loudly read something.How is ... (dot dot dot) pronounced in such a... more

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