Asked • 06/04/19

Are some accents/dialects incorrect?

I may not be incorrect in my knowledge about speech, but Dialects or accents that drop sounds from words, syllables from words, or just completely change the sound from words are they correct? I see pronunciation in the dictionary so by default I assume that is a correct way to pronounce words. Though this may be faulty reasoning. I've heard many people say that there are millions of way to pronounce something yet whenever I open a dictionary I see the break down on the "standard" way to pronounce words So I'm wondering if a dialect veers from the standard then are those speaking it speaking correct English? If an accent veers from a dialect's standard then are those speaking it speaking correct English? This may just be a lack of understanding on my part but I endeavor to learn more.

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Jael C. answered • 06/04/19

MA with 7 years of ESL tutoring experience

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