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why does Edgar Allan poe use repetition in Annabel Lee?

I think that he uses repitition to creat an emotional feeling
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2 Answers

I feel Poe used the repetition i Annabel Lee as a mental echo for himself and the reader.  The poem recalls a childhood memory for him, as if beckoning him to his past.  As he recalls her, his language simplifies to that of a child or a more simple time, bringing in fantasy icons which would be familiar to a child from fairy tales or stories/fables.  The repetition also represents a continued strong tie between Poe and Annabel Lee.
I agree with Daisy from Memphis! I think we can go further and argue that Poe almost certainly uses repetition as a literary device in "Annabel Lee" in order to conjure the feeling of being haunted and to convey the sense of being obsessively in love.