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I need help identifying poetic devices

To tell the truth, those brick Housing Authority buildingsFor whose loveliness no soul had planned,Like random dominoes stood, worn out and facing each other,Creating the enclosure that was our... more

Did Lenore in Edgar Allen Poe's poem *The Raven* merely leave or is she dead?

Edgar Allen Poe's poem *The Raven* has the narrator mourning the loss of his love Lenore. But it's actually not entirely clear to me if Lenore merely *left* the narrator (for whatever... more

What does "in the Ring" mean in Because I could not stop for Death?

3rd stanza: > We passed the School, where Children strove > At Recess – **in the Ring** – > We passed the Fields of Gazing Grain – > We passed the Setting Sun – I've heard of... more

Do traditional Japanese haikus always describe a moment?

I am currently reading *The Heart of Haiku* by Jane Hirshfield. In it, there are many examples of haikus by Bashō. In them, they always appear to give reference to a time, either explicitly or... more

In the Sonnet 29 by Shakespeare, does the speaker pity himself over lack of skill as an artist or contentment?

Here is the "Sonnet 29" by Shakespeare. > When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes, I all alone beweep my > outcast state, And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries, And >... more


Correct way of reading The Nibelungenlied?

I'm trying to read "The Nibelungenlied" in metrical English translation by George Henry Needler (). However, I've got certain difficulties with doing this.The translator explicitly notes in the... more


In the poem "North" by Seamus Heaney, what is meant by the Aurora Borealis line and the word "nubbed"?

I'm taking notes and learning about the poem "North" by Seamus Heaney, and would like help with the literary analysis of some lines. What is meant by: >Expect aurora Borealis in the long... more

Is the dream of the rood considered a blank verse poem?

The question relates to whether it is considered one of the finest blank-verse poems (true or false). However, I am not sure if it is a blank-verse poem at all. Thanks for any help!


the passage is organized using a structure of

it is about poetry    

What different effect is conveyed by the poem's focus upon a solitary bird?

Migrating birds usually travel in flocks and follow a leader. The poem I'm asking about is "To a Waterfowl" by William Cullen Byrant

How did the Harlem renaissance influence poetry

The impact of Harlem renaissance on the development of poetry
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What can I compare "ice" to?

I need to write a poem and my teacher wants us to compare our topic to a person or something that resembles a human, nymph, dancer, figure skater. I need suggestions on things I can compare ice... more


what metaphors and similes are found in Song of the Chattahoochee?

what metaphors and similes are found in Song of the Chattahoochee??


PLEASE HELP need to make each line 10 syllables but really difficult :( and it has to keep same rhyme scheme

TimeTime is like a maze for it lasts up to endless days.When I look at the clock that tells time.It feels like the tide bringing in waves.I feel like a bell has chimed.Signaling the end of life's... more

Please help me explore the following poem.

I Know Why The Caged Bird SingsThe free bird leaps? on the back of the wind? and floats downstream? till the current ends? and dips his wings? in the orange sun rays?and dares to claim the... more


Please help me explore the following poem.

SilenceThe blind spins upsnatched by the window frame.I gaze at this blank day.Here are the trees so very greenagainst the blanched sky;no clouds, no fogjust the back of a mirror,a pearl in... more

how to mark the meter of a poem and scan it ?

Ive never learned anything of iambic and meters so when this was in the summer packet in my new school I got really nervous can anyone help break down how to scan a poem? the poem is if we must die... more


Substituting in Iambic Pentameter Poem Help

Could someone please assist me in writing this?  It's not going so well for me on my own.   Write five pairs of lines, each in perfect iambic pentameter except for one foot, in which the... more


Which poetic line contains an example of consonance?

Which poetic line contains an example of consonance? A. Slight thy form, and low thy seat B. What a world of happiness their harmony foretells! C. He gives his harness bells a shake D. Left not... more


What comment does the author make through the analogy at the end of this paragraph?

What comment does the author make through the analogy at the end of this paragraph?  Great geniuses have the shortest biographies. Their cousins can tell you nothing about them. They lived in,... more


I need help to look over my sonnet

The sun is going downThere’s no one around to make me smileI'm walking slowly in this lonely towna light went cross a mileI try to catch it but its far awayAgain the cold winter cameI'm still... more


What are the literary and sound devices in this poem?

What are the literary (Metaphor, Simile, Personification, Oxymoron, Irony, etc.) and sound (Assonance, Consonance, Alliteration, Cacophony, etc.) in this poem? Thank you!   One of my wishes is... more
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What is a sequence/series poem?

I was given a prompt to write a sequence/series poem by my poetry teacher but she didn't explain it. What are the parameters of this type of poem? I can find anything on google.  


why does th green knight forgive sir gawain in the end ?

sir Gawain and the green knight

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