KeAnna K.

asked • 09/15/20

Is this sonnet in iambic pentameter?

I can’t be with you, not another night

Even nothing makes something more than you

My freedom, leaving you, my only light

A window, glass, with no way to come through

The way I had felt towards you was great

You kept losing me, now I must be free

But it could not work out, it was not fate

Now I'm going to leave you and be me

Your lies and convictions, now I am lost

The truth told, I have already felt pain

Must get rid of you, whatever the cost

Your grip ahold of me, an evil chain

Now your actions have forced myself aware

Since I can’t seem to force myself to care

If only part of is correct, could you help me fix it?

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Renee H. answered • 09/15/20

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KeAnna K.

Thank you so much! I’m really struggling with picking out the “da DUM” rhythm, even when reading other sonnets. Is there any way to tell what words or parts of words would be stressed or unstressed?


Renee H.

If a word has more than two syllables, it can be hard to hear the stressed and unstressed parts. So you try thinking in terms of syllables, not words. That's really hard, because we're not used to thinking like that when we read or write. But if you break out the words into syllables, it's easier to hear the stressed and unstressed syllables. If you had a drum, you would hit one soft beat and then another one harder. Try slapping your hand down on a table or a hard surface in the da DUM beat -- that might help you feel the rhythm better.


KeAnna K.

I literally cannot thank you enough!! I rewrote the sonnet and it’s so much better! I really appreciate your help Renee!


Renee H.

You're welcome! So glad I could help. Feel free to contact me if you need any other help!


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