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Physical Science


Graph y=2 line. Find value of y when x=5.

Physical Science


Figure out Spring potential Energy and ramp potential energy

For an assignment I'm working on, I need to explain why the spring potential energy and maximum ramp potential are the same for a particular data run. For my first run, both spring PE and Max Ramp... more
Physical Science Chemistry Physics


Conversions of Gases

Convert 765 mmHg to atm, Pa, and kPa.
Physical Science Physics


Train Physics Question

A train leaves Westlington heading west at 50 miles/ hour. Another train leaves Eastington heading east at 40 miles/ hour. The trains are on two seperate tracks. What time will will they pass each... more
Physical Science Physics Sat Math


Physics question

If a car's velocity speed changes from 30 m/s to 60 m/s, how does this affect the Kinetic Energy.
Physical Science Chemistry Physics


Calculating Density

In determining the density of a rectangular metal bar, a chemist made the following measurements: length, 9.4 cm, width, 3.7 cm, height, 2.4 cm, mass, 45.9 g. Determine the density to the correct... more
Physical Science Meteorology


What causes the 'calm before the storm'?

The old adage "The calm before the storm" certainly has an observational scientific meaning to it -- something that many (including myself) have experienced -- that on a hot summer's day, when a... more
Physical Science Meteorology Clouds


Do clouds float on anything?

Clouds of the same type have such a consistent altitude, it appears as if they're floating on an invisible layer. Is this true? Put another way, is there a significant change in air composition at... more
Physical Science Forecasting


What is a time series forecast?

Physical Science Correlation Wind


Is there a reliable way to identify regions with negatively-correlated winds?

When examining the potential for large-scale electricity grids, and when identifying the lowest-cost ways to generate clean electricity, a recurring theme is of spreading wind generation across a... more
Physical Science Weather Meteorology


What is the motivation of using the Enhanced Fujita Scale in place of the Fujita Scale?

In 2007, the US started using an Enhanced Fujita Scale in place of the Fujita Scale. From a "civilian's" perspective, the Fujita Scale seemed to measure wind whereas the Enhanced Fujita Scale... more
Physical Science


A car travels 500 miles east in 10 hours. What is the velocity of the car?

Physical Science Wind Temperature


Why do certain areas on Earth have a higher or lower air pressure at sea level?

For instance, looking at [this map of world air pressure in January]( and [this map of... more
Physical Science Meteorology Atmosphere


What determines how fast clouds move?

Do cirrus clouds in the upper troposphere move faster than cumulus and stratus clouds in the lower atmosphere? What about clouds associated with extratropical systems, compared with clouds in the... more
Physical Science Wind Meteorology


Sea breeze - magnitude of horizontal pressure gradient?

What is the range of horizontal pressure gradients typically caused by the differential heating of land and water under sea breeze conditions?
Physical Science Meteorology Tropical Cyclone


Can an Atlantic hurricane enter Mediterranean sea?

I can't find any examples, has it just never happened before or is it impossible because of environmental factors?
Physical Science Meteorology Cyclone


What are the key differences between warm and cold core cyclones?

What are the key differences between warm and cold core cyclones? What is an example of each?
Physical Science Meteorology Atmosphere


Synoptic weather predictibility under climate change scenarios?

Under climate change scenarios, it is quite certain that high latitude regions will experience more warming than at low latitudes. For example, in winter the reduced area of sea ice and snow cover... more
Physical Science Forecasting


What is forecasting and why is it important?

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