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Physical Science


A proton is found outside a negative nucleus

Physical Science Physics Newtons Laws


Physical science questions

How does Newton’s second law apply to squirrels how does Newton’s third law apply to squirrels how do squirrels use wave energy, especially light and sound and receiving and sending
Physical Science


Potentially dangerous waves with very short wavelengths and very large amounts of energy

Physical Science Acids Bases And Salts


Predict whether the reaction of equal amounts of each of the following acids and bases will yield an acidic, a basic, or a neutral solution. Explain your answer for each.

a.)sulfuric acid, H2SO4 and ammonia, NH3b.) formic acid, HCOOH and potassium hydroxide, KOHc.)nitric acid, HNO3 and calcium hydroxide, Ca(OH)2
Physical Science


What event will most likely occur at a divergent plate boundary?

Physical Science


Need help with two physical science questions

I’m taking notes with the whole remote learning thing being new I’m still adjusting and wanted to ask if anyone has the answers to these so I can use as notes. 1) what is the relationship between... more
Physical Science


I need help answering these

1) a change in velocity is...2) a change in location is....3) the product of mass and acceleration is know as?4) what is the product of mass and velocity known as? need answers ASAP please and... more
Physical Science


Need help answering these

1) motion without regard to the direction of a moving object is...2) motion that considers the direction is... 3) what is the force of gravity on an object with mass?
Physical Science Science


I need help answering questions about Newton’s laws

1) under what conditions will a smaller vehicle have a greater momentum than a larger vehicle?2) which requires more force to overcome static or sliding friction.3)what are the variables in... more
Physical Science Science Chemistry


Chemistry- I really did help

If you have 5.40grams of potassium (K) solid how many grams of potassium hydroxide (KOH) can be produced? _2__K(s) + _2__H2O(l) 🡪 _2__KOH(aq) + ___H2 (g)If 0.251moles of H2O gas are produced, how... more
Physical Science


Need help fast please

If a car travels 100. km in 1.0 hr and another 200. km in 1.5 hr, what is its average speed for the entire trip
Physical Science


Heat / transfer

90.0g of ethyl alcohol is mixed with 200g of water. If the mixture is heated from degrees Celsius to 78 degrees Celsius, what is the energy required to heat the mixture? Cethanol =2.3kj/degrees... more
Physical Science


An airplane flies 2320 miles in 4 hours. What is it’s average speed in miles per hour?

Physical Science


Physical Science math equation question

A 170.0 lb student runs up a stairway to a classroom 21.5 ft above ground level in 10.0 s. (a) How much work did the student do?  ft·lb (b) What was the average power output in hp?  hp
Physical Science Math Science


What is lagging effect?

I have no idea what this question is about. I have the graph plotted but stuck at lagging effect? 'Does this plot support the theory that lead in the environment (and hence taken up by children) is... more
Physical Science


Momentum & Energy

Ccalculate the force change in potential energy of 80 kg of water falling 50m over Niagara Falls. 2. Car crashes in a wall at 25.0 m/s and its contents are brought to rest in 0.100s. What is the... more
Physical Science Science


Physical Science Questions

A thick wire will have ____ resistance than a thin wire of the same material.(A) open(B) marginal(C) greater(D) less (E) none of the above 2. The thin wire in the previous question will... more
Physical Science Science Chemistry


About experimental execution: You are doing a taste test experiment on your classmates for their ability to taste

or not to taste a particular water-soluble, colorless chemical. You set out 30 identical cups, and pour the test solution into each one, half-filling the cup. The class time comes, and you are... more
Physical Science


The human forelimb and the whale forelimb are _homologous_ structures.

Physical Science


Calculate the quantity of heat needed to heat 8.0 grams of water from 42.0 OC to 45.0 OC.

2 4 5 6 7 30

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