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what are some things do to stay safe in the lab

-Wash Hands

-Treat Animals With Care

-Handle Animals Properly


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Here are some additional safety tips:
Most labs do not allow eating or drinking in the lab and it is not safe.
If using radioisotopes, please use double gloves and put on your radiation badge to monitor your exposure.
Use properly fitting lab-coats, if sleeves are too long then roll them.
If using formaldehyde or related chemical, please use mask to protect yourself from inhaling vapor.
Disposable glass pipettes should be discarded properly in their special disposal and not the regular trash. Same is true for radioactive wasted including gloves that might be contaminated.
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Hi Aaliyah;
Thank you for this opportunity.  Great question!
Here are a few things...
NEVER sit on a lab table.  There may have been a chemical spill.
If you are a victim of a chemical spill, the article of clothing affected must be removed.  The victim and all other lab participants must maturely tolerate the embarrassing moment.
ALWAYS wear protective eyewear, especially when working with a bunsen burner.  If you wear soft contact lenses, be especially careful.  It would be best not to wear these in the lab.
ALWAYS wear clothes which fully cover your body.  This includes long-sleeved shirts and pants, as well as gloves.  Shoes must be closed-heeled and closed-toed.  This is also to protect against chemical spills.
Long hair must be pulled back in a pony tail or bun.
NEVER leave open food or drink lying around.  A dangerous chemical may accidentally be deposited on such.
I hope this is helpful.  I wish I could do more.  Please let me know.